Rupertite that now longer lives there

Is there a website where former residents of P.R. can communicate?

This is as good a place as any.  I’m a former resident.  And so are many other members.


Hey grads of 1973!!!  Anyone still around?

Only me.  Wanna play? 


18/f/your bedroom (tee hee) 

Aww Eso now you’ve gone and got me frisky…  Who’s going to clean up this mess?

how many days off do you got? i’m gonna go collectin’ deep fryin’ oil tomorrer… me an muh cuz might come crusin’ that way… if I can get muh oil heatin’ thinga-mah-jig jimmy-rickered tomorrer, might be able to leave munday or somethin…

Back to work on the 27th.  I’ll be driving from Medicine Hat to Calgary on the 25th (tomorrow I guess) and spending the 26th in Calgary.