Rupert Web cam?

Is there a live webcam in Rupert I can add to my list?

I think there is a link from the airport website to a couple of webcams around rupert. There is one showing the seaplane docks and a couple of environment canada cams around the airport.


dares nuttin dare.
Looking for like a ‘city’ one because we have a list on our main page of cams in BC so people here can get envious. Like one at the dock would be cool, so people could see halibut and salmon and shut up about the greasy bony 12lb char they got in the lake.

I hope you don’t mean the seaplane base… No-one needs to see me slack off at work…

There is a link to the airport weather cam there and one at inland air that shows the dock area. Seems like the inland cam is down though.

Thats the only two that I am aware of.


The inland air one seems to be better. I’ll link it when it’s back up.
I’m trying to get a cam mounted on the TV tower that overlooks the town and lake, rather than the boring view out my office window!
Although once I did get a call to shut it off because two drunks were doing it on the bench across the street and everyone who has for a home page could see! :laughing:
and a couple kids were p o’d cuz they skipped school to smoke up in the empty lot between us and the high school. Whoops! Mom went online, did a printscreen and e-mailed a copy to all their parents

And the weather is shitty today. :open_mouth:

Now, someone should make a htmf poster and go in front of that web cam. Tell us the time and date and then we could watch.

make it easy or what:

    <applet code="JavaCamPush.class" codebase="" archive="JavaCamPush.jar" width="400" height="300">
      <param name="URL" value="" />
      <param name="cabbase" value="" />
      <param name="interval" value="10" />

perhaps i shall use the other cam, its a simple URL and my brain hurts :bulb: