Rupert musicians online
there are a couple of Rupert musicians on the NMC site.
Check it out
Artist name–Sall Gibson
                    Mudcat Joe
                    The Mudcats   

Nice, I had no idea there was another Electronica artist in this town.

Learn something new everyday.

Rolling on the River is coming up, anyone going? playing?

we woulda, cept Guitar player and singer now live in Grande Prairie alberta. Bass player is in Hudsons Hope and drummer is fishin lol

Geez you could always do an acapella soll!

Absoloutley nothing wrong with accapella’s.

I could help with drums (maybe) unfortunatley I’ve not got a drum set.  Just experience with
sequencing drum patterns.


Though honestly I’d love to get a drum set.  Any place in town reccomended for such things?
I noticed East Wind had one a while ago.  But I’m a little iffy about them, cause well…yeah
the whole 100/200 dollar acoustic guitars that really doesn’t look like quality stuff.

Is Teddy’s cool about selling drum sets?  I noticed they have a nice selection of acoustic
guitars (albeit expensive but hey, that’s what you get for quality I suppose).

Ask stanley19 about drum sets… he knows a thing or two.