Rupert mobile repair

Has anyone been using this great local service? Gord drove to Pt. Ed to service my sister-in-law’s vehicle. It needed more than he could do onsite so he brought her vehicle into his shop, did the repairs for her and delivered the car back to her. He gave her the best deal he could and as he is a certified mechanic she got a good job.

I love he will come and get your car from home or work and deliver it back. Once i broke down at 9 at night and he came and got the car, i went home to bed and he delivered the car later so i would have it in the morning for work. Awesome! Not sure he will always bail ya out but i sure appreciated it!

His number for RUPERT MOBILE REPAIR is 250-627-8213 or cell 778-884-4195. Jot it down and put it in your vehicle, you never know when you are going to break down and need him.

I am not related to Gord…i just think a great service like this deserves to be recognized. If you do use his service though tell him Susan sent you!! Maybe i will get a book discount as he also owns and runs the Rainforest Book store…(hey Gord, are you out here?)

Let’s hear from others who have used his service.

Thanks Gord!


I have known Gord for a while, but I never had him work on my vehicle until last week. He picked up my ride, did an oil change and dropped it back off. He was quick, profesional and very inexpensive. I highly recommend his services.

275 views and only one response, considering how vocal the forum is i am suprised at this.

He has worked on my vehicle and my families many times always the price he says and within time he says!Very trustworthy and professional!Prince Rupert lucky to have someone like him!and conversation is free with him,great guy!Also I thought he stopped the moblie repair.Glad to know he still doing a great job!