Rupert Mall opinions

Ruperts Malls is the worst mall Ive ever been to.  They dont have one good store.  They should lower there rent and maybe they would get some decent stores there.  Right now its just a hang out for people with no money.

It’s been like that for possibly decades.

For as long as I can remember our mall has been a dump. It’s dark and gloomy, hah I miss ToyCraft.

Well they use to have good arcade games there to.  I cant remember the last time i purchased somthing from that mall

I’ll go into Extra Foods once in a blue moon.
Agreed.  I don’t like that mall.

Well its certainly not the greatest mall in the world, but you’re a little harsh on the store selection. I’ve found good deals at Work wear world, Athletes World and even the Source from time to time.

And my understanding of ladies fashions is that Reitmans and Northern Reflections isn’t that bad a place either.

Granted it’s not West Edmonton Mall or even Pine Centre in PG, but it’s not any worse (in fact it’s probably a tad better) than the Skeena Mall which is a disaster area these days.

That being said, a few more diverse stores might be a helpful thing in town.

I think they should destroy the whole upper floor including zellers and stick a walmart right there, with a little A&W fastfood store, not mc d.

Speaking of new stores…there is a Coles book store moving into the mall.

my understanding of ladies fashions is that Reitmans and Northern Reflections isn’t that bad a place either. [/quote]

I think your understanding of ladies fashions is a lot better than you’re letting on, Mr. Podunk.

Who cares about a book store, that will make the mall #$#$# then it is.

Skeena mall is the shittiest place.  It’s just a hang out for trash with some decent stores dabbled in, but for the most part TRASH TRASH TRASH.  Save-On Foods is good, though.  It’s all bright and stuff and not a hang out for trash, surprisingly.

So I am under the impression there are no garbage receptacles in the Skeena Mall?

That’s great! Meaning there will be greater selection of books in town, and I don’t have to order some of the books I want online.  :wink:

Any new store coming into the mall is a welcome one.  I guess you might actually have to read to like a bookstore coming into town.  :unamused:

That might bring me into the Mall on a more regular basis.

From what I know the book store that is coming is only “seasonal”  so I gather that would mean over the Xmas season ans late winter.  I applied for the job and they said it was seasonal  and discount books, odds and ends that did not sell in the bigger stores,  so it really is not a good thing,  it will be here long enough to put Rainbow books out of business then leave.  what will we read then? 

I’m going down to rainbow books to buy a book right now so we still have a bookstore in town.

That was my understanding as well…a Q3 store is what they call them.

Truthfully I dont buy that many books. A simple 200 page paperback is 10+ dollars. I usually only buy technical books when I really really need it since they can easily be 80+ dollars.

Most of the time I go to the library, or if I’m on holiday I might buy a paperback to read. A few times Ive gotten a $50 gift card to Chapters which is kind of nice.

The Coles stores Ive been in usually dont have much that interest me. But I have bought a few books for my daughter at a Coles in PG. She likes to read more than me…Many a night I when I go to bed and stick my head into her room to check on her and find a half dozen books on her bed.

She blew through her first Harry Potter book back in April or so and she read it so quick I was like no way. So I picked it up and started asking her random questions about it and she got them all. She definately comprehends what she reads.

Because we Want to have a walmart to Kill Prince Rupert? There’s one in Terrace and that’s as close as I want it to be.
Sure our Mall isn’t that great but Oh well. There are places with worse off places to shop then us.
Even if Zellers is all we have, I’d be dammed sure to shop in the little places. There what count, Everybody wants a Walmart, and I ask them Why? Walmart comes in Sucks everything out and then leaves. That’s why I shop in the Prince Rupert Owned Buisnesses first, and then I branch out.
Our Mall sucks yes. But I’m sure in time it’ll get better.
Let’s just hope the Container Port doesn’t Shoot itself in the eye

greetings Greg,
I differ in your opinion about wallmart killing our town, if wally word gets built it will be out along the highway, I dont believe wally world will kill anything except Zellers and maybe the over priced babystore. the small shops and many oriental restraunts that litter 3 ave west will be fine, really walk up the 3 ave there are so many restraunts, hair salons, and Realtors, the bargain and doller store might feel it too, but i think they will be ok. what I see when I go to terrace is people from prince rupert shopping in terrace its like i never left rupert.

Walmart has ruined businesses in Terrace.  It will ruin businesses in Prince Rupert.  It doesn’t matter how far away from the downtown core the store is.  Look at Terrace… it’s also out of the downtown, but that doesn’t stop nor slow people down from going there.

Look at all the people that think they are getting a bargain by driving to Terrace, to shop at Walmart, to save a few pennies.  Pennies that they just spent fueling up their car to get there!  The same goes for the people that drive up to PG, to load up their car at Costco and all the other stores they have there, while spending money on gas, a hotel, and food… the money they saved at the store goes right back into their travel expenses!

Now I’m not saying “Don’t shop at Walmart!”  I’m simply stating the fact that Walmart coming into Prince Rupert will hurt other local business, as it has done in other places.  But seriously… how many freakin dollar stores, and bargain bins do we need?