Rupert Dentists

i have a couple of questions for you guys.

I just got 2 wisdom teeth extracted a couple of days ago.  (The experience wasn’t as bad as people told me it would be but it still sucked.  The T3’s they gave totally kicked my ass)

1st Question:  I went to Dr. Adam for the first two teeth.  I was just wondering who you guys think would be the best to extract the other two teeth when i get them done in the future?

2nd Question:  Any advice for recouperating?  Foods to eat, how to make the swelling go down, etc.

As your physician, I recommend you get a beer on that right away!

I agree, a natural solution is the best way.  Beer works very well. :smiley:

I find that the beer works best while working in tandem with a shot of whisky.

i just had my teeth (three wisdom) done in prince george at the end of april. years ago i had two molars pulled by dr. adam. while hes pretty good at what he does, i totally recommend going to prince george and seeing dr. ozcan, who did my wisdoms, if you’ve got the means… not only did it take just 10mins to do three teeth, but i was totally knocked out the whole time (which is the only way to do it  :smile:)

ice packs as much as possible were good for swelling and pain… and mashed potatoes and gravy was good to eat as theres no chewing required and its a break from the pudding and jello standbys.

As someone with a lil bit of dentist experience, I’d recommend you NEVER go see Dr Adam again.  He’s easily one of the worst in town, which is why his rates are so cheap.  I had to get x-rays at his clinic last year, and when I walked in, I thought I had entered an episode of the Twilight Zone, everything was so old and out of date compared to the other dentists I’d been too before.  I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about his practice, from a lot of people that weren’t exactly impressed by his work.  I’m guessing you weren’t impressed either, or you wouldn’t be asking about other dentists.

I’d also recommend not going to see Dr Lindley, as he single handedly was responsible for the $6000 orthodontic treatment I’m in the midst of now.  He tried to take my wisdom teeth out without telling me first, and then tried to actually hold me down in the chair when I tried to get up to leave once I realised what he was trying to do.  Needless to say I never went back to him.  His rates are pretty steep too… just look at how many toys he has.

After Dr Lindley, I saw Dr Ian MacMillan, and he was awesome… but then he left town.  So now I’ve seen Dr Redmond for checkups and extractions, and he’s been great.  The only sucky thing about Redmond is that it will take you at least 3 months to get an appointment, unless it’s an emergency, then it might only take a week.

I’ve been told Goljak is pretty good too… and a lot easier to get an appointment at, so maybe that’s your best bet?

But if you ever need orthodontic treatment… Dr Keith Corbett is the BOMB yo! 

Oh yeah… and about what foods to eat, and how to look after yourself:  take any pain reliever or anti-inflammatory meds they gave you, and take it easy for a bit.  Don’t ever drink out of a straw, or brush the extraction areas with your toothbrush, until they are COMPLETELY healed over.  You can use a baby-medicine syringe full of water to flush any food out of the hole, and don’t stick a pick or anything else into the hole, or you might disrupt the blood clot, and get dry socket… which trust me… you don’t want.  Ice packs work well to keep the swelling down too.

I’d stick to soft, mushy foods for a few days, or until you get sick of them.  I ate boring ass food for the first 3 months of braces, and I hated it.  But with enough variety, it’s not all that bad if you find things you like.  Oatmeal, soup, pudding, ice cream, protein shakes, yogurt, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes or yams, apple sauce, canned fruit etc etc etc.  I’d be really leary of eating anything sharp or pointy, like chips or popcorn for a few weeks, they can jab in your gums, and won’t be worth the pain.

If you have any more questions, just pm me, I’ll help you out.

They’re just TEETH you wimp. Relish the pain, it’s God’s way of reminding you your alive. And if you get a hunk of rotten T-bone that causes a massive abcess and you die, that’s Darwin’s way of reminding you you’re not a good candidate to propagate the species.

Dr. Pyde is pretty good as well… $70/tooth, if they’re grown in all the way, and $140/tooth if they’re still hiding under your gums (don’t quote me on that… just what I think I remember it being).  pretty easy to book an apointment, and takes about 10 mins per tooth to remove.  I find the swelling didnt last long when I went to Pyde before, and the proceedure was pretty painless in itself.

I went Adam (parents sent me to Adam) when I was like 12 or 13. He hit something with his needle that felt like the bone. I almost ripped the arm off his chair. I began sweating immediately. I made audible noises and he finished injecting then asked what was wrong. I told him that was the worst pain I’d ever experienced. He said he was sorry and DID THE SAME THING AGAIN!!! the motherf***er!!!

In extracting one of my wisdom teeth he, without hesitating used my face as leverage. Not impressed. That guy should have his license revoked.

Needles to say, lol, I never went back again. Redman rocks. Goljack doesn’t like to give out painkillers at all. He believes the bodies natural response to pain helps you heal faster. hahaha. Redman will give you painkillers according to what work he done. Very good denist imo. Drawback on the waiting list for sure. Oh well, you can’t win em all.

thanks for all the stories guys.  i’m thinking Pyde for my next extractions.  i’ve gone to him before for checkups so i dont think i’ll have to fill out all the forms.  also i kinda like the atmosphere of that place.

I’ve been to the dentist so many times, had so many “experimental” procedures, and have had lots of success.

I really recommend Dr. Tabata and Dr. Fisher in Terrace at the Park Avenue Dental Clinic.  They’re incredible.  When I had my wisdoms done (under the gums, 5 years ago) they had a specialist in town to do them, I think he may have been the above mentioned one from PG.  Either way, I didn’t even feel them doing anything but it was very time consuming.  I had a lot of swelling, as all people do when their gums are cut open, but I had ibuprofene and it was stitched up very well to the point where I never had to worry about food getting in there and what not.  Basically it was like nothing had happened minus the swelling.

They’re very clean there and have great looking dental assistants, too, which is always a bonus.  I’ve been going there since my first ever dental checkup, right through braces where they used experimental procedures that rid of my TMJ and I only had to have them for a year whereas they estimated 3 years, right up to now with regular checkups.  They’re awesome, really recommend them.

When I was still living in Rupert, I’d been going to Dr. Redmond since I was a teenager.  He is, by far, the best dentist I’d ever been to.  I’d had a few fillings done with him, and he often didn’t have to freeze me up for them, since the cavities weren’t that deep.  He just drills really slowly and asks you to let him know if it hurts.  And if he does have to freeze you up, he’s humane enough to use some kind of anasthetic on your gums BEFORE actually injecting you so you don’t feel the needle going in.  He’s the best.  Which probably explains the long waiting list.

Yeah i’ve been going there for a long time, I booked a Cleaning like 2 weeks ago and its not until aug

I had my March 1st checkup at Redmond’s, and found out I had 2 small cavities that were able to be filled now that my teeth aren’t as crowded.  The earliest I could get in… June.  And worse yet, due to time constraints, I had to make 2 appointments to get 2 15 minute fillings  :neutral_face:

Is it true that Dr. Pyde got in a car accident some years ago?

He was my dentist and I liked him as a dentist.

I’ve been going to Dr. Lindley for more than 26 years. I think He came here around 1978. His work has been excellent, as well as his staff.

I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my teeth.

You’re lucky… I would rather get all my teeth punched out and left like that than ever going back to see him.

I never knew you had an account on htmf Dr. Lindley.

I went to Dr Adam, and was told that the pain I was feeling was not real, that the innoculation
had taken, and that I was acting like a child. Considering that, I didn’t go back. Â

I found the two Dr. McMillans to be wonderful, and now go to Dr. Pyde who is installing a chairlift for seniors.

Adam is a son-of-a-bitch

That 7 fingered freak is a real snake in the grass. He’s all about the $$$. That motherfucker told me I had good teeth for years, and then one day “oh, you got a bunch of cavaities”… it’s like WTF? They were there a few months ago when I saw you? Tried to convince me that I needed to loose my wisdom theeth in a real con artist sorta fashion. I politely told him to get fucked.

Pyde is the real deal. Doesn’t hide nothing from you. He’ll tell you when it’s gonna hurt, and he’ll freeze you 10 times over if you want it. Genuine kinda guy. His opinion on my wisdom teeth was to remove them when I want them out. I like that.