Rrrrrrroll up the Rim!

So it’s Roll Up The Rim time at your local Tim Hortons. I have been bored tonight and I thought it would be interesting to try and keep track of how many prizes people have won.

Since we can’t vote multiple times for a poll, we’ll have to just mention it in a post.

Tonight I won a coffee.



Tim Hortons.

Mmm freezer burn…

In three years of this stupid contest I have not even won a lousy muffin.

In closing, Tim Hortons is poo.

I thought I won a Motorhome once, but I didn’t have my glasses and the manager corrected me, it said Win a bagel, not winnabego.

How about a big round of applause for Chaos, ladies and gentlemen. He’ll be here all week! Make sure to try the prime rib, and don’t forget to tip your server!


It works better when a blonde does it.

In order to get a Tim Hortons coffee here in GP, you’d need to show up before it opens, or wait in line for about a half hour… It’s craziness!