Router Me This

So I’m living in a house with 3 other people. There are 3 computers. We just had Shaw internet installed. My roommate has a wireless cable/dsl router with a 4-port switch. However only two computers can be hooked up at a time. I went to futurshop and talked to one of the tech guys and he said that we didn’t actually have a router but a hub and it was only using the two ip addreses that shaw allows. He said we needed a Etherfast Cable/Dsl Router with a 4-Port Switch. I told him I was bringing it back today if it didn’t work. Anyways I take it home set it up and it works.

My question is why didn’t the other Router work. And what is a hub? What’s the different.

A hub is just a repeater.

What’s the name of the router/wireless thing you have?

I doubt it’s a hub if it has wireless on it.

Also, don’t ask Future Shop people for help. They work at Future Shop.

Mine isn’t a wireless router. Its a Linksys.

My roommates was wireless. The brand is “Network Everywhere”

The Cisco thing works dandy.

I don’t usually like asking Future Shop people for help. They always sell you what you don’t need.

Linksys is a name-brand, so it could be a router, modem or hub…

Well duh Linksys is a brand. I’m not that dense. I already said I bought the router from futureshop. It works dandylike.
I’m just wondering why the other one didn’t.

Perhaps, as the Futureshop employee said, it was a hub, and not a router?

Aye but the box that it came in said that is a router. It says that its exactly the same as what I bought today at future shop save for the fact that its also wireless.

Hey future shop people don’t even know what pci and agp is… let alone hub / router…

is the modem plugged into the wan connection? or just in with the other machines?

Sweet! Maybe I have a future at Future Shop! I have no clue about this stuff either.

About 5 years ago I was desperate to get outa here and I applied for an opening at a new future shop in the Okanagan. THe manager called me and said, yeah i read your app and thruthfully you probably don’t know what Future Shop is being up north… we like hire kids and pay them dirt. The sales people go from one department to another, so you don’t have to know anything about anything, it’s all on training cards. you really wouldn’t like it here, but i passed your app onto a friend of mine…
about a week later I got a call out of the blue to service ATMs and Music-on-hold switchboard installs. that was nice.

your other router may have needed to be set up. some work out of the box if your system matches the factory default, others you need to tell it how to set up. Dell routers can be programmed without being connected or even plugged in. No shit, that’s what the Dell phone rep said!

I went into a futureshop in pg and asked for ddr memory 333mhz and a x agp video card for a customer… The guy said to me what is a agp card ? I was like um i’ll go to staples…

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