Rogers wireless is on the way

Well the official word came out today, Rogers will provide service to Prince Rupert and Terrace in November, with Smithers, Kitimat and the Hazeltons to be brought on line in 2008.

Rogers announced a 10 million dollar investment into Northern BC today: … 4030629077

As predicted here: … 89772.html

and elsewhere :wink:

It takes the threat of competition to get Citywest to do what they should have done 10 years ago.

Anyway, with Rogers comes GSM service, which means Fido, 7-11 Wireless, even PetroCanada Wireless all are options.  Competition is good.

Oh, and my iPhone will work in Rupert :wink:

Mig you lucky guy. an iphone that works to it’s fullest. Nice, I want one.

Heh, now I’m glad I only have a one year contract with CityWest for my cel; the contract expires in June. :smiley:  I’ll check out Rogers then.

i heard that the iphone in the usa will not work here…
and when it does come, its gonna cost 4x  more a month…


It works here. It only costs what you pay at the start $399 US then whatever data plan you have.
As far as I know.

I bought mine in New Hampshire, and I used it in Manitoba, sakatchewan, Alberta.  Even in prince George.  It has a rogers SIM in it.  Works fine.

The trick is not to activate it on AT&T.  I bought it at an apple store, walked outside, unlocked it using my MacBook in my car, and swapped SIMs.

No mention if they’re considering our dogleg in Fort St James.
I’d volunteer to carry their stuff.

I’ve dealt with them before - they charged me a $400 cancelation fee when I moved to Terrace even though they weren’t able to service this location - either that our I could keep paying them for 3 years for a phone that didn’t work.  Sorry but i’m not interested in another ride on that pony. 

Hey Zubin,

Welcome to HTMF! :smiley:
Thanks for the heads up. 
We have suffered with extremely poor service here in Prince Rupert.  I sincerely hope that CityWest is examining their current business model.  I have been a loyal customer of CityWest for many years. 
This is a wake-up call, CityWest.  Compete, or perish!

Then they lowered the price by $200.  That must suck.

Thanks Hitest -
I stumbled on this site it’s pretty cool.  I have thier Digital Cable one of the HD boxes and it’s awesome - I was actually hoping CityWest would get cellular here or landline - anything to free me from the big “T” -

I hate cell contracts too.

But you did sign a contract, didn’t you.  Just because you move doesn’t mean you should automatically be allowed to tear up a contract.

Anyway, the point is don’t sign a contract.

Here are some other other options that don’t require a contract.  All pay as you go:

7-11 Wireless:

Petro-Canada mobility:

Rogers Pay-as-you-go:


All without a contract, and all better than Citywest’s current offerings.

Nah, not really.  My credit card refunded the difference, then Apple gives me $100 rebate.  I come out $100 ahead.

Yeah, I signed up…for a year.  Live and learn, my man:-)  I’ll be very curious to see what the mobile landscape looks like here in Prince Rupert when my contract expires in June 2008.
We live in interesting times. :smiley:

ok, being in rupert…

how do i get an iphone without a contract…
*i thought you had to sign one to get an iphone?

2, how do you ‘unlock’ the iphone?

3,when rogers comes, how to i get my iphone working?

finally, does the iphone have wifi like the ipod touch does???
or do you have to use that crapy internet via cell phone.

ok, being in rupert…

how do i get an iphone without a contract…
*i thought you had to sign one to get an iphone?[/quote]

Nope, you walk into an Apple store and buy one.  You’re supposed to activate it yourself with iTunes at home.  Of course, you’ll have to get one in the USA, as they don’t sell them in Canada.

A lot of different ways to do this.  If you’re not technically-savvy, then don’t even attempt it.  Get a nerd to do it for you.

Here’s one place:

Switch the SIM with another GSM phone.

For example, you could buy the cheapest pay-as-you go or 7-11, or Petro-Canada, or Fido phone that you can find.  7-11 has one that gives you a free phone if you buy $100 credit, for example.

I’ve been posting to HTMF with the iPhone all day.  Works great on wifi.  If I get some time, I’ll do a little video of it…

iPhone also has a camera, bluetooth connectivity, and has a nifty e-mail client, microphone and speakers.  The iPod touch doesn’t have any of those.

I’ve been pretty much using the iPhone without phone service since I got back in Rupert a few weeks ago.  Carry it around in your pocket and it automagically connects to open wifi networks, checks your mail, etc.

Here’s another no contract

solomobile - part of the Bell group

I’m thinking of cancelling my plan and going back to buying $20 cards. I use it so little I often got warnings “you have $4.50 left and only 7 days to use it” (good for 3 mos)
I got free texts and $1 walkie talkie service too.

I hate credit card companies so kudos to you.

Ouch… a slam at CityWest from Prince George…

See the comment section of this story from Opinion 250 … t+promised

The article does however misidentify the highway between Rupert and George as Highway 12, maybe that’s why it’s taken so long for Rogers to get here,  they were given the wrong directions in Prince George… :wink: