Rogers phone!

I have had my rogers phone for just over two weeks now, and have had no problems at all.

I tryed to make some calls back east and evey time i dialed the number i was put through to the operator. They could aslo not connect to the number they said i was ont registered on the computer. I asked the  operator and she  said when making  1 800 call just dial 800 so i did and some of the numbers did work but others  put me through to the operator again HUH!

Rogers tech 2 is suppose to get back to me tomorrow.


thank u; please call back in 5 min :smiley:

Um… good to see there were no problems… I guess.  :astonished:

Um, maybe the problem is on the other end?  If the operator can’t get through to a number either, then there’s probably something up with that number?  To make sure, try the number from another phone.

Is it a 1-800 # ?

Some 800 #s are set to only work from certain regions.

I called other numbers as well just tryed walkers saw shop  on vancouver island. Its not an 800 #
As soon i as i dial all the numbers my phone says op embratel and sure enough the operator picks up wont work.

I thought if i went to rogers stuff like this would not happen.

Post one of the numbers that doesn’t work, and I’ll try it from a few different phones, to see if it’s just yours.

I just tried that “Walkers Saw Shop” on a couple of Rogers phones, a Citywest cell, and Citywest landline.  They all worked no problem.  The guy at Walkers must be wondering what all the calls are about.

Anyway, what kind of phone do you have?  Model #?

Look for “auto-prefix” in your settings.  Turn that off if it’s on. 

Hah, you thought if you got a Rogers phone that wouldn’t happen.
That’s hillarious.

Not much different than Citywest phones not working for weeks on end as they “worked on the problem” I guess.

Two weeks ago my Citywest phone wasn’t accepting any calls at all, not even voicemail. Had to turn it off, take out the battery, leave it off for a while and replace the battery, turn it back on.  then it worked.  All the while it wasn’t working, it showed everything normal on the screen.

It’s just funny how people think it will be better somewhere else. All phone companies are the same.

Which is why it’s crazy to sign contracts with them.

This isn’t a problem with the phone company, though.  Sounds like his phone is adding numbers automatically.  Embratel is a Brasilian company, so he may have just messed with his prefix settings, and now it’s trying to call Brasil (maybe by adding the country code first).

Looks for auto-prefix and turn it off.  If you can find a master reset or reset to factory defaults or something like that, do it.

Rogers did call me back and  i went to in call setup then dial prefix it was on [AUTO ON pref opr 21 embratel] thats why every time i made a call the telus operator would pick up.

So whats the use for that setting any ways? as  even the operator could not put me through to the number i wanted noting worked on that setting was that for?

You were getting a Brasilian operator, most likely, not the Rogers one.  The phone is messed and didn’t figure out the correct prefix.  It basically added a bunch of numbers in before any number you typed in.  If you put in 624-1234, it would prefix 01155 or something crazy like that.