Rogers internet? have a look around at there packages. I am not sure if rogers will offer internet and cable tv, but if they come i do know they will provide GSM service.

I will be very interested to see if Rogers will also provide Internet service.  Then we will finally have true competition in town.

Plus better prices. :smile: AND probably better service, i bet citytel looses some customers over this. I know so many mad people at the speeds and cost’s for service.

I’m one of the angry people, Jason.  I will certainly look at Rogers and see what they have to offer me, especially if they offer Internet.

Same.  Citywest just can’t cut it anymore.  Too many broken promises.

If you have A land-line, AND cell phone, AND cable or digital tv service through CityWest, you can get a package deal that gives you free long distance minutes each month.  I think it’s around 200 or 300 free minutes a month.  As far as I know, that’s the only “deal” you can get with their services.

Oops… I think the internet fits in there someplace too… I think you get the deal if you have 3 of the 4 things?

WOW what a fucking shitty deal, considering they use a digital VOIP box to send your phone call to some one and save money. WOW.

RIP OFF>>!!!

How will Rogers offer Internet? There’s only one way for them, thru the cell with an AirCard type option that is NOT cheap.
Rogers Internet is cable based, and cable is regulated. That means in areas served by Citywest cable only they can provide it, just like in areas where Shaw has the cable license.
If it ever gets deregulated, it will be done like DSL where Telus owns the lines down the street. The cable owner will make sure there’s not a lot of room for profit leasing space.
God if you guys are intent on killing your own baby, I’d be happy to broker a deal so Telus buys it out if your guys can’t figure that out on their own.

Thanks for the information, herbie! :smiley:  So we’re stuck with CityWest Internet.  Rogers will hopefully push CityWest to improve cel service.

CityWest internet… when it works… is usually pretty good.  The speeds lately, however… suck monkey balls.

If another internet provider came into town, they would probably have some kind of a cap on the downloading/uploading potential of each account a month.  As of now, CityWest still doesn’t have that.

That exactly how the DSL resale works, you can earn perhaps $5 a month and match rates, but you get charged for every Gig used. That’s why I baled on the ADSL resale market.

Citywest internet’s pretty good – they let me run this site, for example.  I doubt Rogers or Telus or anybody else would let me do so.

I always wonder Mig if you were getting 50,00 hits a day or a million hits a day would citywest tell ya to move on to a dedicated website hosting company.