Rogers Internet Stick

Just wondering is anyone has used the rogers internet stick thing??  I’m just wondering if they work well or not

Thanks! :smiley:

They work, but are very slow in Rupert.

slower than citywest dailup??? 

I suspect a carrier pidgin would be on par with dial-up here in PR…jk.  :smiley:
I remember the bad old days with my crappy mwave 28.8 modem and Win 95.

hitest shudders

Well judging from the speeds from a tethered iPhone in Rupert, it is about 2 or 3 times faster than dialup.  But much slower than DSL.

Oh ya, I wanted to ask what does tethering mean?

Tethering means using your iPhone as an internet connection.  ie: when you are somewhere that doesn’t have wireless access, you can connect your laptop to your iPhone using bluetooth or USB and use that as your internet connection.

In Rupert, it’s 2 or 3 times faster than dial-up, but slower than DSL.  In bigger cities, it’s just as fast as dialup.

Since they both use the same networks, the internet stick would be the same speed.  ie: not as good as Citywest DSL. 

you can do that?!?!  whats the charge for tethering your iphone?? :smiley:

It’s free with Rogers.

citywest as far as i know has the stick too just not advertised really yet

I don’t know, I only sell the shitty Rogers stick. It’s almost as slow as dialup.
If you go to Prince George they sell the good ones that go really fast. People have seen it with their own eyes!
I’ll have to call Rogers and ask why they only send the shitty ones to the Fort…

the Rogers stick is not worth it if you dont like you only have 15 days to send it back. What they dont tell you when they call to sell you the product is that you have to activate it and if you dont like it you have 15 days to send it back but you have to pay them $400.00 to return it.

Hmm, that’s an interesting marketing strategy… :unamused:

Um, I think it’s right in the contract you sign.  If they don’t tell you that in the contract you sign, then I don’t think you have to pay anything.

It’s not very fast, that’s for sure.  I wouldn’t sign a long-term contract without checking it out first.

Neither would I, but the general public would :wink: