Rogers behind schedule too

Well, I have to charge my Citywest cellphone battery every day, and apparently I always have voicemail (even when I don’t).  And then sometimes people just can’t call me.

But at least Citywest seems to be ahead of Rogers, which has said they’re behind schedule.  Probably due to the delays in building their towers, right? 

According to their original plans, Rogers should have been active in Terrace and Rupert in November.  Now they’re saying “first quarter 2008”

From The Northern View: … 00606.html

Rogers delays its Rupert launch date
By Shaun Thomas - The Northern View - December 19, 2007

While CityWest has been working out the bugs in its wireless data services, Roger Wireless has also been running into some difficulties that have resulted in the launch of service being delayed until early next year.

Rogers had hoped to bring the service into Prince Rupert and Terrace last month as part of its $10 million investment to offer service in all of the communities along Highway 16 between Prince Rupert and Prince George, as well as Kitimat and Fort St. James, that was announced on September 13. Rogers confirmed last week that the project is behind schedule and could not give a definitive date for service to start in the community.

“We were working to a very aggressive time line, and had hoped to turn the network on before Christmas,â€[/quote]

Heh, I was hoping my GSM phone would work in this town when I came back yesterday. Only to find out that Rogers didn’t raise their towers up yet.


Nope, they’ll only get people who’ve been cut off by Telus .
From the sounds of things, they’ve been looking for a tower spot and Navigrotto is next to ours. That’s the most likely spot. That would get them better coverage than Telus has. Might catch a few who have no service yet.

They need an outlet, and Source does Telus, I haven’t heard from them so I figure source will get both. I gave up pimping myself to Bell, they can’t even tell me who to talk to.



Pimping yourself is required when you live in a town where on the biggest retail day of the Xmas season (Friday) you managed tens of dollars in sales.
I’ll be stealing a page off your concept and working on “The Deadwood Chronicles” when I get some free time…

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My cell has been crap…be nice when we get outta the dark ages…
shittywest service has been total crap, family from out of town w/ a BELL phone…hasn’t worked for the last couple of days…um…aren’t we switching to a bell system?

Yeah, we are.  And yeah, my relatively new citytel phone (6 months old) has gone downhill ever since the switch over.  Sound quality sucks, I hear echoes, have poor battery life, and the time switches back and forth.

A friend of mine has a Bell cell and it got all five bars as soon we landed in Rupert.

I got a Fido cell and it didn’t work with CityWest’s network due to  they don’t have a GSM system and only CDMA (according to CityWest).


Wait a minute… Mig got a iPhone (GSM phone) and his works in Rupert. Am I right?

EDIT #2:

Ah nevermind… I just remember his doesn’t work either.


My iPhone’s actually on Fido right now, so it doesn’t work in Rupert (yet).

My Citywest phone works (if you call that working) just fine, though.

So when will Citywest be finished “the big change” ? 

I’m thinking that Citywest has a busy Christmas eve as they promised that people will have a functioning Blackberry Christmas day (I’m guess that includes texting too, not just phone).  I’m glad that I don’t have a cellular phone.

I bought the new Bell htc touch, I should have checked before buying seems bell disabled some key features like GPS and WIFI, the same phone from Rogers had both those features, from other forums people are incline to think it’s a software issue and not one of left out hardware.

seems internet works on my htc touch I just went online with it, has anyone else tried will post picture in a sec…

I’ll be very surprised if CityWest gets things in order in the next day or two.  I’m not at all impressed with their business acumen.  The only reason that CityWest awoke from its prehistoric slumber is because it felt a competitor closing in.  The transition to Bell has been clumsy and mired in errors.  CityWest is lucky that Rogers has been held up in setting up shop here.

There was quite a line up of unhappy looking people at CityWest on Friday afternoon, stretched from the counter almost to the stairs, I didn’t get to eavesdrop as I was paying a bill (and that line moved pretty fast, giving them money and all) , but somehow I don’t think that the folks in the cel phone lines were there to hand out Christmas cards.

Astro where is the pic

here you go and Mig was witness too it logging on…

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Thanks Astro!