Road Closed To Terrace?

Does anyone know anything about the road being closed between Prince Rupert and Terrace? apparently it may have been due to an avalanche.
If you know anything about this pls let me know as I have friends who travelled to Terrace today. Thanks.

I went to the bc highway cam site and  the kasiks cam has the roads snow covered no tire marks at all so seems to be closed.

“Closed in both directions from Agate Creek Bridge to Terrace (93.6 km) because of High Avalanche. Updated on Sun Jan 4 at 12:04 pm.”

Thank you for the update and the link to it. Very much appreciated. I hope the roads won’t be closed for long and that no one got hurt.

Thanks Goddess, for posting for me, my kids went to Shames this morning left at 7:30 am, said goodbyes, and all that stuff, and as they were leaving i told them i really didnt think it was a good idea but yu know kids well big kids,said not to worry mom everything will be ok, felt that there may be a an avalanche or something that may happen and sure enough the road is closed. Does anyone know what happens if they can’t get through i realize they will most likely have to go to Terrace, but i remeber a few years back when this happened and a bunch of them had to stay on the hill in the lodge does anyone remeber anything about this. Anyhow any updates would be great my nails are a lot shorter and the grey appeared in hours from worry, it’s nerve racking. Thanks for any input

For live updates call O’Brien Road and Bridge Toll free 1-800-561-5822

Ugly… sure glad I didn’t go visit the kid in PG today. This is Bednesti

Actually writing this stuck on the other side of the road closure in Terrace. Last update is it is closed until at least noon tomorrow. Yikes.

sorry boyz and galz…if your in terrace…your stuck until at least nooner…good luck…make sure ya shop until ya drop.

Shopping wasn’t even possible earlier today as a lot of places closed by 2 or 3pm with the anticipated 2 feet of snow!  The mall was closed at 2pm, but I bet Walmart stayed open!

Oh fer sure it did…samuel the founder wouldnt of let a pacific north west snow storm hamper business…the downtown core in rupert never did recover business wise…even when the power went on…no one came back to selll their wares…

we have not had a winter like this in a long time. Hopefully with all the rain we had it will have cleared up the roads. Now crossing my fingers it doesn’t freeze and turn to ice.
As for the roads getting shut down due to avalanches now and then I guess they could alway build a bridge straight through the Skeena lol.


You can call Shames directly I think, though I bet the kids are not up the hill, they are probably sitting at the gates out the highway waiting to go.  Call the non emergency line at RCMP 250 624 2136 they probably have a car out there at the gates and can tell you if the kids are there. Good luck.

Still in Terrace, latest is that the road won■t be open until at least five p.m., with the next update coming at three p.m. Brutal

I drove from Mackenzie to Vancouver two days ago and the roads in spots were crappy.  It wasn’t anything to close the road, but lots of blowing snow so that it was virtually impossible to pass anyone due to lack of visibility.  Conditions were also pretty sketchy from Boston Bar until just past Hope.  

I did hear Terrace got what, 50cm in 24 hours?  Crazy stuff - reminds me of Mackenzie - hahaha!

According to the Drive BC website, the highway was reopened at 3:18 this afternoon … &x=10&y=11

We can all stop hoarding the milk now! :smiley:

Are highway closures this time of year a regular occurrence on this stretch?

Bahaha!  I remember when the flood closed the road for awhile in 2007 - and how sad it was to see people with four or more 4L milk jugs in their cart at the grocery stores.  People were so crazy with that stuff - even if you have kids do you really go through that much milk?  I think sometimes Rupertites forget that we are a PORT and when the going gets rough, there is always the marine highway to get products to us. 

My ‘favourite’ Flood 2007 story was when I was fueling up my car and a couple of guys were about to have a fist fight over gas because there wasn’t very much left - to which I yelled “Oh will you grow the F&%K up - the road is CLOSED so where the F&%K do you think you’re going anyways???” 

Sometimes people need a dose of reality when they start acting like idiots.

I remember that. I was driving downtown at lunch when the news first dropped and saw the line up at all the gas stations. People were honking… lined up bumper to bumper. I was like “Oh crap… this is bad.” That night I happened to be downtown and there was nobody around. I pulled in and fueled up as usual.

Was in Terrace for the Rampage games…got back to Rupert about 5 today.  Team bus arrived at about 6.  Yesterday at noon downtown Terrace was a whiteout, only about 100 fans at the game and half were from Rupert!!  About 2 feet of snow in town.  Highway today was in pretty good shape, all things considered…a few slushy spots, but compact snow most of the way.

Folks at the Evergreen Motel and Pub were awesome.  Opened the pub yesterday so the team could bring in pizza…Checkers have excellent grub, lots better than Boston, and gave the team a great price.  Pizza delivery truck had a snow blade on front!! Team and fans had some beverages, played some pool, great evening.  Today let the guys keep their rooms until word came that the highway was open.  They even had staff on standby to open the pub/kitchen in case the road didn’t open today.  The hospitality at the Evergreen was much appreciated and definitely #1 on the list for a return visit.