Ripping MP3 OS's

Ok i have been using mac for 5 years now or more. I have NEVER ever wanted to rip a mp3 at all to my hard drive other than using itunes to my ipod. What software could i use to rip mp3’s off my cd’s onto my hard drive ? Any one ?

I use iTunes.

Yeah and how do you find the song’s after that… It’s a audio mixed cd that was not labled when making it. So the track’s are track 1 track 2 etc… etc…


Make a temporary playlist, call it “temp1” or something.  Put the CD in the drive.  When it shows up, select all the tracks and drag them into the playlist, not the library.

Wait a few minutes while it rips the CD.  Once it’s done, eject the CD.  Then you can drag the songs out of the playlist (in iTunes) right onto the desktop or another folder.

If these aren’t commercial CDs that you’re ripping, you’ll have to manually put in titles no matter what software you’re using. 

Also, make sure you tell iTunes to use mp3 when ripping, or else it defaults to Dolby AAC.  Personally, I like Dolby AAC better, but you wanted mp3s.

I’ll try this thanks… I could rip them as aac i agree it sounds better.  Will windows itunes read AAC ?

Yes, it does.

AAC isn’t Apple’s, BTW, it was developed Dolby, Sony and others.  Apple uses it instead of mp3 because it sounds better at the same compression rate.

AAC works with a lot of other players too.  In fact, if you download and watch DivX or mpeg-4 videos, you’re likely using AAC for audio.