Hello, kinda new to ringtones and the new cell generation.  Anyone know of some good sites for some cool ringtones? 


I know NOTHING about getting a ringtone, but I really want my phone to ring like an old fashioned phone…  Not that I’ve TRIED to make it do that, or looked up how to do it, but if it could magically happen, that’d be awesome!

Web browsing via mobile isn’t the greatest and quite limited, however, if you have a Sanyo phone… you can go here to save to pc and then transfer via usb cable.  There’s lots of free ringtone sites out there but how to get it all to work /w phone, great question.  I wish it were easier!!!


:wink:  Here’s one to try…

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I usually go on the browser on my phone, $0.05 a page, click on the top 30 ring tones, then scroll right to the bottom of the page, there I found a “search for other ringtones” box and easily found the ringtones I wanted with out searching the web, or browsing the pages on my phone.

i have a sanyo phone and citywest told me bell locked out the usb to computer ability.  did anybody get this feature to work?