Reward for stolen ring

During the recent break and entry at Harris and Wick Goldsmiths in Prince Rupert, all but one ring was recovered during the apprehension and conviction of the thief.

We are offering a reward for the return of an 18 karat yellow gold ring with the insignia of a Canadian flag and the initials BCCP on each shoulder.

See the attached photos for proper identification and we will pay a $250 reward for the recovery of this item. No questions asked.

I can understand the apprehension of the thief, but are you certain there was a conviction?  Usually these take months to come to trial and this B&E was within the last couple of weeks.

Also, what was the weight of the ring?  20 - 25 grams, perhaps?  And, what would the melt value be?

It wasn’t a conviction, it was a guilty plea. Different word, same result.

It is still a stolen item and is hot, meaning the person in possesion of it could expect to have it taken from them for no reward should the police find them with it.
Even getting caught melting it could lead to charges. Very Hot indeed!

I hear the pawn shop in Terrace is a great place to look for your recently stolen items in the NW!

We have the ring back and would like to thank the RCMP and everyone who helped us recover all the stolen goods.
Prince Rupert is a town that takes care of it’s own!
Thanks again Prince Rupert!

Super, glad to hear it!

Great to hear…

Now lets settle the dog poop issues in Rupert.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, I know…We could have him perform his community service hours by picking up all this horrific dog shit…Problem solved…Move on… :smiley: