Loved you in Roadhouse, Patrick Swayze!

How about Reveen?

Was that guy ever here?  Or was it just an East Coast thing?

It’s hilarious when TPB use these little East-Coast-isms.

Like Bubbles singing the Vogue Optical jingle in his sleep.

Never heard of him.

It’s what Conky calls Ricky.  Reveen (I think I’m spelling it right), is a hypnotist guy who ued to tour the East Coast with a really freaky hypnosis show.  He had me on stage once, apparently it was a riot.

Ricky does look a lot like Reveen.

Yeah, I knew that Conky called Ricky that, but I didn’t understand the reference.

Heh, yeah, that’s how you can tell an East-Coaster – they laugh at all those jokes!

Reveen “hypnotized” me, apparently.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I went to a Raveen show at the Civic Auditorium when I was about 10.  I remember he was a freaky lookin dude with a beard, and it was pretty freakin hilarious to see adults act like complete idiots onstage.

So yeah… he had been to Rupert before.  I think he came here a few times in the 90’s too.

Yeah he was definately here back in the day. I remember going to see him.


i aparently got hypnotized by him.  you get a lifetime membership to his shows if you play his game.

He was in Rupert as far back as the late 70’s and 80’s.  I went onstage once and it was a total farce.  He whispered in my ear and tried coaching me to do things.  I got off of the stage a few moments later.

Yeah, I saw his show here in town, must have been in the early 90s, can’t remember for sure.  He had an amazing memory.  The audience response to his act was luke warm.

I saw him twice, both times at the PAC.  The first time, the place was packed, and a few buddies of mine went up on stage to be “hypnotized.”  Keep in mind we were about 14 or 15 at the time, and despite the fact that Reveen himself said that anyone under 19 couldn’t be up on stage, he let them up.  Afterward, my friends said they were just playing along, and they weren’t really hypnotized.

I saw him again about two years later.  This time, I went to the first of two scheduled shows.  The theatre wasn’t even at half capacity, and he couldn’t get enough people on stage.  He even said a couple of times that he needed more participants, so I finally went up.  Before he began, I vividly remember him saying “I should have gone with my instincts and not done the show.”  His “hypnosis” didn’t work on me.

The show was originally supposed to be in two parts, with an intermisison in between, but by the time he got through the first half, there were only two people on stage, instead of the 15 or so who would normally be up there.

He never did the second show.  He said that he had to go home for some kind of “family emergency.”  Last I heard, he’s stopped performing and is now a manager for some magician.  (He was originally a stage magician himself.)

It’s actually interesting that someone brought this up.  I was watching Penn & Teller’s Bullshit on this very topic yesterday.  They had a similar guy on the show, and he basically said that there’s really no such thing as hypnosis.  The people who get up on stage do so because they want to be there, and they do whatever it is the “hypnotist” tells them because they want to get up in front of people and perform.  The show gives them the excuse to do so.

Oh yeah, and his son was a member of some hair band called Salty Dog back in the 90’s.