Restricting web access

I need some sort of software that will let people log onto internet and only go to one page, they can have full access to that page and its contents but can not go anywhere else, for example, is there anything that will let me do that?

What you’re looking for is called a “captive portal.”  If you google that, you’ll find software that does it.

Thanks Mig, I guess I needed to be even more clear, It needs to go on a computers that only have dial-up, and in more then one location. I was thinking of something like net nanny, except the reverse of it, all webpages are off limits except one page and its contents.

Thanks again.

Well, another approach would be to run your own DNS server, and have it only give out the proper IPs for the sites you want people to be able to visit.  For every other site, it should give out the same IP.  Does that make sense?

I’m not sure how you’d do it in Windows.  Maybe even just put bogus numbers in for DNS servers, and then have the or whatever IP addresses in a hosts file.

ya im looking at the host file route, i guess I cut them off from big website portal’s such as yahoo, msn, and  google doing it that way.

For example, if all you wanted the computer to be able to do was surf HTMF, then you’d put fake DNS numbers in the TCP/IP settings (try or something).  And in your hosts file you’d put:

TCP/IP settings i can do that with dail up ? hmmm I get what u are saying Mig as long as it is a static ip I just trick the computer to go that page and all other pages get a Page can not be displayes message.

Do you have access to the dialup router or the radius server? Wouldn’t it be easier to assign the incoming modems a 127.0.0.x IP so they could only something surf the internal server?
Or maybe even have radius box assign different gateways to different usernames?

Restrict access to 50+ year olds to computer period. Like I’ve fucking had it.
Our Chamber bitched and griped amongst themselves when they got a domain renewal notice for $25 . Some of them thought I should renew it for them free, as it is hosted on my server (for free). By the time it was explained that they registered it themselves with a $1.95 service so they didn’t have to pay me $25 last time, the freaking domain expired.
So they registered a new domain thru my outfit. Then they needed it updated so I made a deal. $500 and I’d give it to a sub-contractor so it would be done by Dec. 1st. Turns out it’s entirely Dreamweaver, everything is swf’s. We asked 30 times for an updated list of members/categories in WORD format or XLS. 3 weeks kater we got a printout of the old website with 80% of the listings crossed off and the rest altered. The girl told them no fucking way she was retyping the whole mess.
Turned into quite the mess, she got emails daily with more changes, with attachements that were the shortcut to the picture, not the jpg! She got fed up, stopped working after she put in like 20 hrs and never told me.
So I found out this, and spent one night to rewite the whole fucking operation into real html & php.  I did up all the main pages and left some skeleton pages with “such and such goes here” so they had something to look at. Then knowing the history of their web disasters, I went to the Chamber and showed them how to save their list as a pdf named member.pdf, click an Explorer shortcut and drag and drop the updated list to the site. Simple. No contracting out, any idiot can do it.
But when I said, set the spreadsheet page layout and print to pdf first, then look at it tonight at the meeting.
So guess what. They didn’t. Left a wide spreadsheet that printed broken up over 4 pages in there. They were disgusted at me. And the little pictures on the main page? They no longer said click for larger image under every one. And some of the link icons weren’t the ones they never sent me. It was entirely unprofessional for a quote of five hundred dollars!
It isn’t fucking finished! It’s the skeleton, for them to tell me what they want! They haven’t been billed and the original quote said $399 if it took more than a month!
Best of all, while they told me how unprofessional I was, I had to show them:
a) the words in BLUE underneath the little pics you click on. Then you get the big pics. The pics you move your mouse over * and it changes to a little pointy hand thingie* are links.
b) I noticed they didn’t fix the damned pdf, so I fixed it at home while I ate dinner. But they looked with IE and saw the shit that was cached!
c) The girl stopped working on the original format because most categories HAD NO LISTINGS. The businesses had all gone tits up, or the ones still there weren’t members. The rest has only one or two listings.
Now having ONE page that downloads a pdf of the few members left is eminently ‘more’ professional than twenty categories that bring you to empty or near empty pages so the whole world knows your town is a lifeless shithole in my book. Pdfs you can update and upload yourself in three minutes if you STFU and watch when I show you how to do it on the software I installed for you free.
Especially for an outfit that gripes about $500 for a whole website redo, so they’re gonna gripe about a small charge for every update.
The old Dreamweaver site is sitting on my server still, it needed to be redone because someone tried to update it themselves and erased dozens of files, pics, and swf buttons. It also takes 20 mins to download on a dialup…
I should have said fuck you. Apply for another grant so in the summer you can hire people from out of town to come and make half a site you can’t manage and leave when the money runs out for the third time

Fuck it, I give up.

I’ve been working with computers for 35 years and I’ve discovered there are two kinds of people:

  1. Computer people

  2. Non-computer people

The latter group, with only a few exceptions, DON’T EVEN WANT TO GET NEAR ONE. I don’t mean to yell, but that seems to be the emotional content I get from them … fear.

And another thing, don’t diss us old pharts!

I are an old phart!
50% of us old pharts act like computers are the instrument of the devil.
50% understand they’re tools just like a freaking hammer.
50% of those that understand they’re like hammers, don’t know how to hold a hammer.
50% of the ones left keep hammering their own thumb.
That leaves just me an you and Bill Gates (and we won’t vouch for him)…

I wouldn’t trust Bill either … i’ve seen him work …  :laughing:

Vista is coming out tomorrow. :smiley:

Vista should come with ram in the box too. Look at this.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Holy crap.  Vista is quite the RAM gobbler. :smiley: 
I will be buying a Vista box for my daughter, but, in about 6-12 months.  I’ll wait for a service pack or two and the early adopters to find the bugs:-)

For any one that wants tons of screen shots. … -pictures/