Restoring To Previous Date MAC>!>

I would like to take my Mac back in time about 10 hours… How would I do that?

Um on 10.5 or ?

I’m on 10.4.7

Hum Same as me.  And restore from 10 hours ao I think not. Maybe on the new 10.5 :smiley: 

Why do you wish to do this ? Delete something ?

What, you dont have a silver De Lorean in the garage with a Flux-Capacitor?

Yes, I was jumping back and forth with different versions of Drivers and now all I want to do is start fresh (without Drivers) at said 10h ago (now something like 2010hours ago).

I’m just talkin’ like what you can do on WindowsXP, where you go to something called SYSTEM RESTORE and it undoes what you’ve done from a selectable restore point.

Can’t you just delete the drivers?  And then install the proper ones?

Are you talking about printer drivers?  If so, just reset your printing system.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

That, in this situation, is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!  Thanks Mig!

Do you have ESPN?