Restarting the bandwagon

how about those canucks.
anyone out there have any faith in them this year for a deep run into the playoffs??
they’re in 5 th place overall right now.

I hope Luongo cleans up in the awards this year. A long playoff run will help out alot. I think they have what it takes to go far.
The only thing I see wrong with the team is Nazzy. Whats with him these days. It is a good thing Luongo covers up alot of the holes he has created by not being an elite force in the league anymore.

The canucks rock!!

Luongo rules.

The parade of cars honking with flags after the game tonight was priceless.  There were people standing on street corners waving flags, and kids running up and down the street in front of Tim Hortons wearing jerseys and waving at cars that honked at them.

And that was only the first round.  I can’t wait to see more!

Although I wanted the Canucks to win, I would like them to do it without the referee’s help.  Some of those penalties to the Stars were really questionable!  I think the Stars had 4 penalties more than the Canucks with a few back to back.  The first two Canucks goals were on powerplays. 
All in all, Vancouver wasn’t impressive at all.

I agree. Though I’m a Canucks fan, I thought that Dallas deserved to win the series.

But hey, that’s the way she goes.

If you watched the entire series you would have also noticed a few non calls on Dallas (mainly because the Canucks don’t embellish as much as the Stars), they even missed 2 obvious tripping penalties. Penalties aren’t supposed to be handed out equally every game too (quantity).

Officiating goes both ways, tonight, the only break the Canucks received was the phantom high stick by Lundqvist. Every one of those penalties Dallas received was deserved, can you blame them for taking so many? The Canucks would have taken many as well if they were being outplayed in every which way.

I too agree that the Canucks (Luongo being the exception) were not that impressive this series, excluding the last 2 periods of game 7. Quite boring to watch really, I didn’t watch any other hockey teams throughout the season but I found myself checking out nearly every other series game here and there.