Repair CPU Heatsink

Hello everyone, I am writing for some information as to how I may repair this, or find a new bracket for my Zalman CPU HS/F.

It was a really good HS/F but the bracket broke during an installation. Now I’m left using Stock HS/F. However, If I were to repair this or somehow find a new bracket I can have better temps & overclock!

Here’s some Pictures of the broken bracket and the HS/F In question

Would you people happen to know if any of the local Computer Shops can help me? I’ll go to any of them, I really want to get this fixed! :smile:

** HS/F - Heatsink Fan?

What size is that bracket?  I may have one you could have for free if it’s the same size.  I’m not sure what it’s for, perhaps an old CPU heatsink & fan. 

Anyway, I’m cleaning out my computer stuff, and I noticed it:

I’m not too sure on the dimensions of the bracket that I have, but I’m 75% sure that the bracket you have is AM2, same method of applying the HS/F for the Bracket you have. =)

I don’t have a ruler nearby =o

Well, you’re more than welcome to have the bracket if you’d like.  E-mail me or PM me.

Thank you for the Help & the equipment MiG!

Did you know that you can buy CPU fans at Princess Auto?

Ehhhhh Where’s that? I’ll check 'er out!

Superglue and duct tape  :smiley:

I was gonna say we should have talked him into trying the duct tape… :smiley:
I had one come in where the heatsink/fan was zap-strapped on. Well it may have been once, it was kind of off to one side by the time they trundled it in from the farm…