Renting in Kelowna?

Hey guys,

To make a long story short… I need a fricken place to live in Kelowna. I’m looking for a 1 bedroom apartment to rent, or something about the same size. Basements are fine, I’m not fussy. If any of you know anyone looking for a roommate, or someone who is trying to get rid of an apartment, please help me out. I’ve tried phoning about 20 places a week with no luck. I’ll be taking the commercial aviation program at OUC, so something between the bridge and the airport woudl be nice. Mission and Westbank are a bit long of a drive. I’m probbaly going to drive down there tomorrow or the next day, with or without a place, so any help is greatly appreciated.

I own a condo in the Grand, but it’s a little big for what your looking for.

a teenager owning a condo?? Wow, how did you manage to finance that?? Gotta paper route?

I’m thinking a little more than a paper route, parents owning it maybe.

Ya, parents, me, whatever.

My friend was checking out places for her daughter to live if she chose OUC… and she found a place online that had MEGA listings, and they all came with air conditioning and a few other things thrown in. I’ll get the site info from her and let you know.

Hey Goose, you still owe me like $75…

But I’d consider trading you for your acoustic guitar =)

PM me your phone number, dork. Where the hell do you live now anyway?

Heh, did you know birdshot sticks into the outer-skin of a gold ball? Looks snazzy. Call me later and I’ll give you some cash.

The seats in a Gen 3 F-body tilt back fairly well. I dont’ think sleeping in it will be that bad.


Shucks! I bet he was looking forward to the guitar. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see it anywhere in my room, so he probably already has it.


I am still living with the parents. Going to Telkwa for a ball tournament this weekend, so I won’t actually start living in my apartment until next week, but most of my stuff is moved over.