Renters curse

I have a question for ya, why is it so hard to find a rental place in this town. Everyone wants refrences. Well, I don’t have any, I’ve lived with my parents for 21 years. No one seems to call back. And if they do, it’s either nothing is available, or there’s a waiting list.

I have to get out QUICK!
I think if I talk to another machine, I may just have a mental breakdown.

Try renting in a town with a 0% vacancy rate.  The landlords here are so picky its ridiculous. 

Oh you have a girlfriend… sorry sex before marriage is immoral, to move in you will have to get married (actually happened).

Oh you’re single… well this place is too expensive for you (I could easily afford it). 

Oh you’re single… what do you need the second bedroom for?

Oh we do bi-weekly grow op inspections (bi-weekly… fuck off).

Pets… hah dont even think you can rent here with pets.

I’m looking to rent a place anywhere up to 1000/month including utilities (1 bedroom is fine) and I STILL Cant find one.

Clearly you suck with people or havent been calling enough places.

I’ll tell you why landlords want references - because they’ve been burned by bastard renters who didn’t pay the rent and then left all kinds of crap - literally - when the landlord finally manages to get rid of them four months later.  Then the renters go on to the next place, and then on to the next, paying about one month’s rent out of five, because there are so many places to rent in this town and landlords are maybe a teeny bit desperate to have anyone in there at all.

That’s why landlords want references.

Try spreading the word through friends and family.

Someone always knows someone else who’s renting or looking for a roommate.

Jesus Christ…where do you live? Sounds horrible.

Kelowna. I love it here I just cant stand the Landlords. I’ve got about 6 years of good references behind me. You’d think that’d count for something but apparently not.

I should note that I am being somewhat picky in what I am looking for. Basically I dont want a crappy bedroom suite. I’d like an apartment.

Im not too worried about the rental situation though. Soon enough there will be a tonne of vacancies because the real estate markets going to die  :sunglasses:

Then I’m going to buy a condo from one of the extremely religious people and have unwed sex in every room including the balcony.

That sucks Jesus. There apparently is places available, but they either don’t call back, or they have a waiting list or some deal. Or they’re hideous like the place I viewed yesterday. Budget is tight as well, and I don’t want to live somewhere disgusting.

I understand the whole references thing. I really do. But how are you supposed to aquire references if you can’t get a place without references? It’s kind of humorous once you think about it.

I wish people were trustworthy, all people. Then I wouldn’t have this problem.  :smiley:

Ahh, to live in utopia. That would be awesome.

You dress well talk politely and kindly inform them that you are a first time renter. Hopefully you dont come across as a slob/partier.  In your age range good luck.  You could of course always lie and provide fake references :wink: