Remove Start Button Xp

Anyone know how to remove the start button completly off xp…
All I want is a bar.  I find the start button usless now

get a mac or install linux.

Heh, my thoughts exactly. :smiley:  Why would anyone want to remove the start button in XP?  XP works very well with that button.  I don’t get it.

because he’s an 31337 h4x0r

LOL :smiley:  Agreed.

Ok in reality he just wants to show off how pretty he can make his desktop look to perpetrate the illusion he is intelligent and knows about computers. When in fact those who do real work with computers realize eye candy is useless and impedes work.


I still use windows 2000 and love the start menu. Me i hate desktop icon’s i like a clean looking desktop.

Then just autohide the fucking thing…

For fucking out loud, now your going to force him to start another thread on how to turn that on… DAMIT… why don’t you think before you type :smiley:


Dude like they guy said


Becuase i started usin the sidebar and like it.  You can put all your fav links, most used programs, and winamp/mediaplayer.  Tried linux, it was kinda gay.

What “gay” version of Linux have you used?  I myself prefer a very masculine version of Linux that speaks volumes about my manliness, heh-heh. 
LOL :smiley:  Funny stuff

christ, buy a fucking mac then.

It’s only gay because he could not get it setup and running properly.  Linux is wicked if you know how to use it :smile:

I’ve always thought so:-)  I think Windows, OS X, Linux, and Unix are all solid OSs ( I sometimes get on my high horse about hating winders, which is kind of stupid).  All OSs have positives and negatives. 
For me Linux works. :smiley:

Exactly, like mig says if you like windows stick with it, if you like mac stick with that. Stick with what you know and familiar with. I switched because i wanted to try it, im hooked. I have had so many apple products laptop’s desktops etc etc. I used to run linux loved it to. Struggle to learn and setup on new hardware on older os’s but learned lots.

I’m very impressed with the new Macs, the specs look simply awesome!  That and the fact that they’re running BSD, baby!! :smiley:  I’d run a mac in a second, but, can’t afford one right now.  The new macpros are drool worthy:-)

I know a guy that has one and has changed the zeon’s to another newer version 4 core chips so its a 8 core tower… it’s fast he said…


I <3 Cyanide and Happiness.