Refreshing Honesty from a Conservative about Taxpayer Bribes

For those of us who may have harboured any illusions on how our tax dollars were used… … tives.html
Larry Smith, a former CFL commissioner now running for the Conservatives in Montreal, said it is part of the political process for governments to be favourable to their supporters.

Canada Votes 2011

The Tories believe Smith represents their best chance at winning a seat on the island for the first time since 1988.
In making his case, Smith said his riding in western Montreal could expect more federal funding if it voted Conservative.
“If you look across the country where the Conservatives have had strong representation, a lot of projects have taken place,” he said.

“But it’s normal that you’re going to focus on the areas with the people that do support you. That is part of political life.”

Smith is running in Lac-Saint-Louis, which is considered one of the Liberal strongholds in Montreal. His Liberal opponent, Francis Scarpaleggia, has been a backbencher since being elected in 2004.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, have all but guaranteed Smith a seat at the cabinet table if he wins.

“I think people are legitimately concerned that there is no representation out of Ottawa from this riding,” Smith told reporters during a quick break from his campaign.

He argued that little has been accomplished in the riding in the past eight years because it lacked a Tory MP.

Asked if that means it could expect nothing if doesn’t vote blue on May 2, Smith responded that “the reality is if you’re running a country as big as Canada, you’ll probably spend more of your time with the people that support you.”

It will be interesting to see whether these comments will come back to haunt the party - I think the spirit of democracy is that you would represent the interests of the entire country when you get elected. However, the reality is that it is commonplace for all parties to support the ridings that support them. one of the inherent flaws in the democratic system is that it promotes short-term thinking - that is, leaders who want to be re-elected will focus on short-term goals to show results to the voters. As a business, if you think only short-term you will not be very successful in the long-term - similarly, a country should have a vision that is 10-years out to give it direction for a long-term sustainable advantage.

Since when is any of this a suprise? I mean it kind of makes sense. Why would the Conservatives waste their money in regions that don’t support their platform??

Is it right…no probably not…but do I blame them? No i don’t.

It works the same in real life, those that support me, get my support and those that don’t get nothing from me.

It is a huge reason why this riding has seen next to nothing (being an NDP riding). We should be thanking our lucky starts that we have a container terminal here, but that really has more to do with our location on the coast than anything else.

Politics Aside - Let’s give credit where its due. Alot of people/organizations invested alot of their time and effort into making the container terminal a reality. Our location on the coast was/is a huge factor but it was the effort the individuals put into it that made it happen.