Reduction Plant

I realize that it creates employment and I know it is necessary but does anyone else have an issue with the reduction plant running on Cruise Ship days?
I’d really like to see them do the bulk of that cooking during the night hours and not leave the impression on visitors that the town stinks like this all the time.
Don’t we have any rights as taxpayers to be able to enjoy a sunny day without the smell of rotting fish waste?
They have told me they could clean the smell by installing new equipment but don’t want to spend the money. How do we promote tourism with that attitude?

Yeah and we all know how good the fishing industry is going. Why do we even need to have the cannery operation going on at the waterfront anyway?!?!

another long running complaint in town that doesnt go anywhere. get over it . its the smell of money  :smiley:

I remember, back in the day, when it was possible to take that nice long walk down to Superport and hang out at the beach for the day and watch the occasional whale and porpoise and seal and eagles,well anyway, enough reminiscing, I used to carry a fabric softener sheet with me as sometimes the smell was so bad, it was sickening, so I used to just walk by, inhaling the odour from the fabric sheet !!  It worked but OMG, that smell is BAD…I do miss those walks though…Beautiful beach    :cry:


I think everyone who has ever lived in Rupert has used that expression at least once and it’s about time to retire it - especially since it was born in the glory days when there really was a lot of money being made all along on the waterfront.

nope still smells like money to me and i never worked in fisheries. but it still employs enough. when i see those rail cars i see money tho or hear the sirens at the container port or a truck drive by.its a coastal port town we will have smells and trucks and noise better than being in terrace and only walmart and cdn tire being the main employers. lets just be happy the inlander is half torn down now  :smiley:

LMAO, how about complaining that the smell does not fit with the character of Cow Bay! :smiley:

Okay, decker, you get to say it one more time and that’s it. :smile:

okay do you smell what the fish parts are cooking? thats money  :smiley:

It sure did smell today, but as far as I could tell, the smell was gone by 4pm.  Maybe the wind changed?

Heeere fishy fishy fishy…

For a chnage of pace we could all build houses in the farming belt and then complain about the smell of cowshit.

rupert has a farming belt? news to me lol

So that what the smell was… I thought that was the smell coming from the Inlander as it was being torn down. :imp:

It was actually the Libs spin on Run of River

  For some reason I can tolerate the smell of cowshit, maybe being from Ontario and surrounded by farms, I actually miss that home-spun odour !!  Real good on a hot, muggy southern Ontario day  :smiley: