Redirect to Search

A couple weeks ago, this started. Whenever there’s the slightest delay in a DNS lookup I started getting the search page instead of the Page can’t be Displayed Error.
I use Firefox, and can’t find a damned thing wrong. Google is set as the default search. xxxxxxxxx

Is there something in this Vista computer, or is it Navigata redirecting shit?
This doesn’t happen at work where I’m on Telus circuits and XP or Linux.

I want this gone…

Its a redirect.

What DNS lookup server you using?  They’re probably doing it.

You can verify it by typing in a domain name you know doesn’t exist.

If you want to check to make sure it’s not something on your computer, boot up with a live CD and see if the same thing happens.

It’s Microsoft fer fucks sakes!
Somehow the default search provider in IE7 (which I NEVER use…) got set to ASK. So it took over Firefox’s too.
Removed the sucker (I had to download and install the STUPID MSOFT TOOL for Google and delete Ask from the list)

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