Red lines on monitor?

I’ve recently been getting red vertical lines on my computer monitor.  Before it was only on anything that was supposed to be black but now other things are starting to get it.  It started shortly after my aunt came to live with us, so I think she may have adjusted something without knowing.  You can see that there are some red lines on the screencap below when I was using Yahoo.  Anyways, any help would be appreciated :smile:

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Is your monitor plugged in properly?  Check to ensure there are no bent pins.  Perhaps right-click your desktop and check your monitor settings, see if your Aunt changed any video card settings.

Hey where are the lines on that screenshot?  Those little bits at the bottom?

Red-lined your monitor? You over-revved it!
Did you let out the blue smoke??

There are very thin vertical red/pinkish lines just below the search bar and near the top…the lines at the bottom are a poor cutting job with mspaint :smile:.  I changed the display settings from 32bit colour quality to 16.  I think it helped a little bit.  I just tried taking another screen of an ad in my browser that showed the lines prominently but they didn’t show up well when I tried to save as a jpg.

Do you have another monitor or computer you could try?  ie: plug another monitor into that computer, or another computer into that monitor?

I don’t see the lines on your screenshot.

Yeah I can’t see any of them either.

I just turned on the computer now and the lines came back.  My desktop background is just plain black and the lines were ‘jumping’ around the black.  I tried another screenshot but they don’t capture the lines, which I guess is a sign of something.  I have a second CRT monitor that I’ll try when I have the time.  Also, on the desktop the lines are horizontal, but on certain graphics on firefox the lines are vertical.  It’s not too big of a deal to me, but its pretty annoying because I don’t know the cause.

its two things one video card or monitor, so plug sec monitor in and if it has lines then its your video card, if you have a CRT I think most have a shelf life of a few years. well mine did anyways…

I d/led the driver for my vid card (ati Radeon 9550) from the website and that seems to have taken care of the lines.  Hopefully that’s all it’ll take.  Thanks for the help

yeah if a fresh driver install fixed it then it was the Gamma (RGB) settings


Gamma settings, eh?  I’ll keep that one in mind if it happens again :smile: