Red Helmets

OK,  I’ll admit it.  I hate those cruiseship renters of the scooters.  They do not obey the road rule and drive slow.
Today, was the worst I have seen.  Driving down the highway at 35 klm.  I could not pass and would not as it was not a passing lane, and the poor girl was terrified and wobbling everywhere. They really need to test the skills of those is renting the scooter,  before long someone is goning to get hurt bad or worse…

Well the ambulance and fire truck were at the waterfront tonight. Maybe they were there to deal with one of the red helmet scooter gang.

I’ve always wanted to rent one of those scooters.

I love riding scooters!  So much fun!  They’re only 50cc, so they CAN’T go fast, and you only need a regular license to ride them.

Yeah, they drive me nuts too - but I try to not get mad about it.  A little annoyance or making us get to our destination slower a couple of times a week is a small price to pay for some much needed tourism and spending in this town.

A couple days ago a 330 lb. 30 year old on his mother’s electric scooter stopped to tell me how stupid and useless my new mini truck was.
Also told me you don’t need a helmet or license to drive electric scooters on the road.

Wow - he must have looked like a circus bear on a unicycle.

could your minitruck still carry him ? :smiley: