Red Hat Enterprise Linux is going closed source?!

Wow! Red Hat was one of my favourite early distros. It appears that they’ve become evil. Haha.

Red Hat strikes a crushing blow against RHEL downstreams

Red Hat has decided to stop making the source code of RHEL available to the public. From now on it will only be available to customers — who can’t legally share it.

Downloaded Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.2 (released in May). Installed it in Virt-manager. I created a developer account which allows one to use RHEL for free (you don’t get any customer support). It’s a solid distro. I guess any sysadmin running CentOS, Alma, or Rocky servers will be looking for alternatives. Maybe Ubuntu server or Debian 12?

I first tried Red Hat when they gave it out 5.0 on CDs at an ISP convention many years ago. Then used Fedora on several servers until Ubuntu lured me away.
Been so many years I stick to Debian based distros now.

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Red Hat 9 was one of my first distros. I moved away from RH when they became pay per view(RHEL). I really liked Fedora Core 3. I also really like Debian-based distros. Years ago I cobbled together throw away PCs and made a DIY computer lab in my elementary classroom. I had quite a few PCs running Debian 4.0, and some Windows boxes. It was a sweet ride. All the units were able to print to an old network laser printer. After Red Hat I drifted to several distros. These days at home I manage Void, Slackware and Debian units.