Red Dwarf - Return To Earth

Before I sit and download this from a rather slow hotel network, anyone seen it yet, worth the download here, or is it predictably disappointing?

I hope it good, i WANT it to be good, but I have my doubts :frowning:

I didn’t know that a new installment of the Red Dwarf series was back again.  Let us know what it’s like.

Cool.  I haven’t watched Red Dwarf in years.  I’ll also be curious to hear if this is a worthwhile series:-)

I ended up downloading it as it was raining and couldn’t be bothered to leave the hotel!

Part 1 - OK, not classic, but funny
Part 2 - Hmm… Not so OK
Part 3 - Yeah, umm…

Watch it anyway, JUST because its red Dwarf (yes, we really do have a TV station called Dave), but trust me, its not a classic! :frowning:

Oh, and its only a 3-part 1-off spin-off kinda thing!

Worst thing is, the Dr Who Easter special wasn’t exactly much good either :frowning:

Episode 2 had a few chuckles related to Blade Runner.  Other than that… meh.

So is it worth the torrent search and download or what?

Not nearly as good as the original.  Blade Runner and other allusions all over the place but other than that, it’s kinda pointless.

well myself since my sister talked me into watching an episode i was addicted

i have every episode now

im downloading them now, will check out, thanks for posting