I found some movie trailers that were recut on youtube.  Some are great:


School of Rock:

Napoleon Dynamite:

Sure shows how the music and the editing of a trailer can set the mood for a movie.

The School of Rock recut was easily my favourite.

I would have watched it.

Hey T-bone,  nice to hear from you.

Yeah, Jack Black looks twisted enough to act like a psychopath.

I guess if you want to find a recut in Youtube, just type in the name of the movie and the word recut in the search field.

While looking at those… I found some more:


Forrest Gump

American Beauty

Rain Man

Sleepless In Seattle

The 10 Commandments - more like a remix but pretty funny

Lion King - another remix

Of course,  this being the favorite movies of a lot of tech savvy people, Office Space has a whole lot of recuts:

Hey T-bone,  nice to hear from you.[/quote]

Howdy. :smiley:

I was bored out of my skull, and decided this was the place to be.