Recover blown Hard drive

My accounting computer blew out yesterday… all the books, spreadsheets, etc. on it. Company simply files, etc…
It did get backed up… to the same damn drive. USB backup got wiped by an employee and all I have is an Acronis image from Feb 1st…

chkdsk stalls out at 5%
Bart says directories unreadable.
Installed it a repair comp, chkdsk returns sector 12345 unreadable, etc. and the Iolo recovery program finds a couple jpgs and html files and nothing else…
Anyone have any ideas that can save manually rebuilding months of entries?
(it’s in the freezer now but I don’t hold much hope, it wasn’t clicking…)

Purchase a copy of Active Partition Recovery for Windows and run it. Hookup the hard drive internally instead of through an external chassis - more reliable. Lots of air flow to keep the drive as cool as possible when you fire it. If it’s detected by Windoze then you should be able to recovery something.

Use file recovery - partition recovery I don’t think too high of (in the same program). $35-$45 for the program online.

Can’t really suggest any file recovery tools but man… you need a better backup system. You also need to fire the employee that deleted your USB key after beating them thoroughly and possibly tasering.

I’ve had a lot of success with spinrite:

Just give it a lot of time to do its work.

You need whatever the Windows equivalent of Time Machine is, so you never have to worry about backups.

Freezer trick didn’t help. Spinrite’s running overnight.
Thx MiG I didn’t realize that one was still around.

why don’t you back up, why don’t you have a raid setup ? WHY don’t you have some sort of NAS drive ? BAKCUP BACK UP BACK UP BACKUP! i tell my clients EVERY one that i meet, backup even if you have it backed up, back it up.  Accounting machine is most important machine to backup too! That and your server :smile:  

herbie,  pm me :smile:

100% of my problems come from having to every damned thing myself. Ended up taking on a ‘helper’ simply because he had the initiative to come by three times a week begging to  learn, didn’t dress St. Vincent dePaul style and knew what soap was…
turned out to be one of those “now the next computer says press ok to continue, what do I do?” imbeciles.
But I have an Albertan asking who wants to move here (wife was a former employee), hates mill jobs, is pushing 30 so he knows how to work and think, and says my starting wage is higher than anything he could get in Lethbridge. Fingers crossed.

Good luck with the new worker, herbie!  Just out of curiosity did Spinrite help you to recover the data?


Yeah, i saw your abortion / hack job wiring. You claimed that it was professional, i saw it and saw “amateur work” all over it! Personally, i think you could do better, no matter how many wires there were. It looked shotty.  Strapping cat5 to a wall, like that is not professional AT ALL!

AND AGAIN, ALL DATA Is valuable, using a piece of crap machines, is more of a wate of money than any thing, either DO IT properly, or don’t do it at all.

Spinrite has been running since 3:00 pm Friday! Was still going at 5:00 pm yesterday when I left. Going in an hour or so to check…

OK, so did it recover your lost data?

As of 5:00 pm yesterday spinrite was still chugging away. Said it had 7,000 odd hours to go…

Found a Feb Acronis image, so we only have to enter 4 months off the paper records…

lol did you at least try active partition recovery? i’ve recovered formatted partitions, partitions themselves and 4 month old data with that program…

Any luck getting your data back…not sure if the 7,000hrs. was real.
I tried it on a so-so hard drive and it said it was going to take 24hrs. and it ended up being only 14. It found 1 unrecoverable item but my computer hasn’t crapped out on me since running spinrite, which is a good thing.

No so hooped neither one could recover a worthy file.
Saw the folders
Active Recovery saw some useless Windows files, but no useful data. I restarted spinrite and decided to just let it go.
Today I spent ALL FREAKING DAY sorting paper records and restored to Mar 1st.
and yeah it’s on external, USB and FTP’d. !!!