Recieving text? network troubles

anyone else have problems recieving text msg’s.  I have been unable to receive texts since last night on the Telus network (local rupert number)…

I having issues with a lot of things on my phone

Amazing how we’ve all begun to think phone troubles in this area are normal. We sign a contract to pay our bills and stick around dont they have to provide a SERVICE too?


I never have trouble sending/receiving texts on the Rogers network; I signed on with Rogers last June.  The Rogers network is reliable.

i have one year left on city west contract…then its rogers!!
on thursday night the shittty west system was pooched!!

If I were to dump Citywest mobility in Rupert today, I’d probably go for Telus HSPA (or Bell’s) over Rogers. But right now I have an iPhone on each network.  Thought I think Rogers has a better footprint than Telus/Bell in Rupert. 

Also, those having problems with receiving texts on Telus - are you using an older CDMA phone or a new 3G HSPA one?  (ie: does it have a SIM?). They are two different networks in Rupert. I think Telus CDMA customers may actually be using Citywest/Northwestel’s network, while HSPA customers would be using the new Telus/Bell HSPA network.

Is Telus HSPA available in Rupert?  On their map ( … maps.shtml), coverage doesn’t extend to the actual city.

Yes. My iPhone is telus HSPA and it works fine in Rupert. You would probably have to get a Port Edward number.  It’s the same network that Bell uses for its HSPA as well, and there are Bell iPhones working in Rupert right now. 

Coverage isn’t as good as Rogers, though, from my informal tests.  But the speed is better.

I was out of town all weekend, and sent several texts.  Everyone got them, and responded, except for the one person on City West.  He still hasn’t recieved the texts I sent him FRIDAY night.

I’ve been out of town all weekend, and although it was slow all my texts were sent and received just fine - it only took a little longer than usual. I have a citywest phone, maybe the problem was just in town??

i’ve heard from 2 different ppl lately that they have sent me texts… but i haven’t received em… i have no idea why but i kinda think my phone is outdating itself… like obsolete so it doesn’t work as well as it did before. i dunno but that sux not getting messages.

my contract is up with citywest, a history of citywest issues is leading me to contemplate a change…I’m leaning towards a port ed number…but I dont know yet, I like my phone number  :stuck_out_tongue:

You can ‘port’ your current number to another carrier.  Take your number with you.

Except with shittywest…I checked it out on the Telus website where you can check to see if you can “port” your current number.

Last April Rogers sought an order from the CRTC to have CityWest comply with number portability. In July 09, CityWest sought a 90 day extension from the CRTC to allow it  to comply citing lack or knowledge and resources to implement number portability. … 906042.htm

In August 09 the CEO of CityWest advised the commission that CityWest was not in favor of implementing wireless number portability and the benefit to local consumers would be minimal.

His full letter is at … 254377.DOC
(Yes this is the same Rob Brown that thought texting wasn’t required by Prince Rupert Consumers.)

If CityWest customers wish the flexibility to take their phone numbers with them when they want to change carriers, they’ll have to start complaining to the CRTC. However this isn’t going to help you so your choice seems to be sticking with CityWest or getting a new phone number.

i to was also out of town and the one city west number didnt receive my texts.

lol, missing texts doesn’t bother me. if it’s REALLY important, can’t they just call me?

Not the point we pay for a service that should work right ?

Not when I’m driving that’d be illegal.

SO is texting while driving. And texting while driving is more retarded than talking on the phone while driving…

Pull over if it’s so important…