Rec groups, fitness classes etc. in town

Hey everyone,

I’m new to Prince Rupert and am looking to join a club/group or fitness class to meet some new people as I don’t know anyone in town! I’m just wondering what sort of things are out there to do, join or drop-in on. My interests are pretty wide so I’m open to most opportunities that are out there! Thanks!

Hello… Welcome to town. Is there anything in particular that interests you? If you go to the pool or Civic Centre (our rec center) you can pick up a program guide and at the back it has a list of groups and organizations and their contacts. It’s a place to start. Good luck.

Thanks, I’ll definitely check that out. I’m interested in getting involved in something active, and of course it’s the perfect time for me to try something new!

If your female there is a woman’s only sports group that free at the civic center they have a facebook page or call and ask for Rudy Kelly

I suggest getting a bike a good xc/freeride bike
as far as fitness look in to a TRX…whats a trx? look it up, then give me a call if interested

Check out Hairtek Studio in Cow Bay. Pam offers yoga and different fitness classes.

paintball :smile:

There is a running club in town - Rupert Runners. They have a FB page and are a great group of individuals…
Each year there is a Learn 2 Run class (volunteer dependent), and there are also opportunities for involvement as a volunteer race organizer, etc.