Reasons for learning to type

Man I need to learn to type. I’m sooo slow with the posts

Just drink some espresso. It makes you type faster. : P

Mig, is your server overheating?

I used mavis beacon for an hour every morning of grade eight, and it was totally worth it. Without it there’s no way I would be able to keep up with the posting that’s going on right now.

Gota upgrade, G5 XServe RAID. Lots of space, lots of speed.

Or some bawls…but dont touch my bawls…get your own

Not at all, but boy, are the lights blinkin’ on the switch!

PS, I’m going to have to delete this later, but rrrrrroooowwwwrrr, Mavis Beacon is hot.

Ya Bawlz is good, but it gets expensive, Like $2.50/bottle after tax.

Aunt Jemima is so much hotter.

No dude. Mrs. Butterworth is wayyy hotter.

Yeah, I can’t argue to that.

I think I’m a slow typer because my spelling sucks, so I’m always thinking “am i spelling this or that correct?” so it slows me down

How can that be?? Im a fast typer because my spelling sucks. I’m confuzzled.

I’m not so good at spelling either. Sometimes I keep a spare tab open for

I only do that when I am talking to people of importance. In other words, I usually don’t give a *&%

If you were running Mac OS X, you’d have spell check right in any text field, including browsers.

yeah and if my auntie had balls she would be my uncle.

OS X is awesome Prudence…


OS X is awesome Prudence…[/quote]

My comment had nothing to do with OS X… it is just a comment I always use when I hear people say “if”

OS X makes you appear smarter to others.

That should be Apple’s sales pitch.