Realty sales remain below 2010 levels

While Terrace and Kitimat have seen an increase in the number of properties sold through the first three quarters of 2011 compared to the same time period in 2010, Prince Rupert numbers are still lagging behind those of last year. … 93504.html

There really is not much out there at the moment…anything decent left on the market has sold…trust me I have been looking. Unless you wanna pay over 350,000 there is not much other of quality.

Interesting comment. What do you consider to be the issues with the places that are left for sale under $350,000? What is it you are looking for in a home and what would you expect to pay for it in this market? I’m curious because I see lots of for sale signs - eg: 3 or 4 in a row in the 1800 block of Kootenay and they are under $350 and look well maintained from the outside. I’m not a real estate agent but I am curious because one never knows when one will have to sell their home.

I have been looking also, just for the hell of it and was out last night looking at a property. It is a buyers market and folks are picking them up at good prices and doing great renos. Looked at one last night under $150K, granite countertops, large deck/yard, stainless appliances. Real cute and they had done a great job. Look at some of the websites, good houses for not big bucks! You don’t need a champagne taste to find a good property!

For sure it is a buyer’s market. And of course there are less desireable homes on the market too. When I looked at MLS I could not believe the number of homes well below $200,000. Where can a person get a home in that price range other than the Northwest? What websites beyond MLS and Property Guys offer Prince Rupert homes for sale?

But but but, we’re a boomtown, we’ve been told so!

its a total buyers market.
I bought in may…got a great deal!!!..i have been recommending to anyone that its a great time to buy.
By 2015 anything at the 180 level in todays market will fetch 250K…trust me…
where else in canada can u do that?
I have a sister in victoria whos one bedroom condo…i couldnt afford!!!..But in PR you can be a home owner no problem.