Ready boost for vista

I got a 4 gig mem stick at future shop for 29$.  Im using it for Readyboost for vista on my laptop.  Anyone use this?

I set 2 gigs for my pagefile and my system is running so much faster

Nope. Stuck the 4 gigs on the motherboard where it can be accessed faster. Granted, that costs one fuck of a lot more than a USB stick. :smiley:

Install SP1, that will help too. It won’t be an auto-update until the month’s end.

You know the bigger the pagefile the slower the computer is right?  Please, someone take billy’s computer away before he dooms us all.

maybe with a harddrive but my comp is running so much faster now.  Usb 2 is faster then a 5400 rpm harddrive

Who told you that one?

SATA2 = 3Gbit/sec

USB2 = 480Mbit/sec (though I’ve never seen it come even remotely close to that).

If your USB2 is going faster than your hard drive, then you have a problem with your hard drive, or you’re experiencing the placebo effect.

Anyone notice that billy’s posts often read just like the spam posts we get on here? Very odd.

LMAO, if he would use google, DAM he would be smart eh ? I guess Billy, is the person around here that keeps us on out toes, OR IS like that DUMBASS customer that keeps comming in every day saying his norton wont install on his windows me box, OH you mean the one that youve installed it about 50 times on ? :stuck_out_tongue: heh,

Yes,  I think everyone did notice that.