Re: Weird brown/yellow spider with shiny yellow egg sac?

So I’m used to seeing those teeny yellow spiders around in the summer, but I found this one on my house outside and have never seen anything like it.  Are the fuzzy yellow things egg sacs?  I’m pretty sure spiders don’t collect shiny things for a ‘nest’ - so I’m not sure what this is.  I’ve googled around a bit but haven’t been successful…anyone here know?

Whatever the hell it is, kill it, I hate spiders.

i think its a guadalupan spitting spider off the container ship you have to spit at it but never after midnight.

Zoe Noes!  My husband kept getting up last night to spit on it - what are the consequences of this?!?!?!?

i forget what kinda spider that is, but im pretty sure there were over 100 dif species of that one spider

I am not very fond of spiders and really know nothing about them. I did find this site that you might find useful if you do not get an answer on the forum. … 20pest.htm

OHHHH EMMMM…GF’N GEEEE!!! :astonished:


Definitely a strange one…I sure hope those are not coming off the cruise ships.  Or wait…u think it might be from those unknown green thing out on the highway?

Those are spider eggs.  Don’t kill them, or you’ll just be contributing to the evolution of tougher spiders.  Let these stupid ones live, and dilute their gene pool.  Otherwise, only the ones that are smart enough to hide from you will live on to reproduce!

Besides, spiders are awesome – they kill insects – they are our true enemies.

Also, spiders tend to post good flamebait on HTMF :wink:

I have to side with Mig on this one.  Spiders may look creepy, but for the most part they’re harmless to humans, and can be of great benefit by killing flies and mosquitoes.

Well sorry to disappoint MiG and Stardog, but they are gone.  They are far too close to my front door, and since I haven’t been able to find out if they are poisonous or just a PITA by biting people or pets - I do not want to risk them getting inside to bite either myself (pretty major allergies to insect bites - and yes, I know spiders aren’t technically insects but an allergic reaction sucks for me whether it is from an insect or an arachnid) or my dogs. 

The scientist in me really wanted to see it when they hatched because I’ve never seen anything like these ones before, but that is something I will just have to get over.  :wink:

Well this is very upsetting for me to see these defensless creatures being destroyed as such. I have always enjoyed spiders as one can see and yes they or we serve some purpose in this web that we seem to find ourselves in everyday.

They are not defenseless when they bite me and I have an allergic reaction that almost kills me.

dont let them bite you after midnight its not good  :smiley:

Is it true that we swallow 7 spiders a year in our sleep?  :neutral_face:

Scary stat, especially if you have an allergy.

The Straight Dope says it’s probably true that you swallow an average of 3 or 4 spiders a year, but the important bit is that it’s an average.

OMG…!!  Are you kidding me ?  As if I weren’t already arachnaphobic and only sleep on average 2-3 hours per night, now I have to worry that I am swallowing friggin’ spiders…I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN…I need drugs, plenty of drugs  :-o  :-o  :-o

just pay someone to watch you sleep  :smiley:

LOL - so far swallowing them doesn’t seem to set off my allergy - PHEW!!

One time I woke up in the middle of the night, laying on my side - and when I opened my eyes, a mere 2 inches from my nose was a big black spider.  I panicked, swept my arm across the pillow really fast and flung the spider away.  In a few seconds the adrenaline rush subsided, but then I had a thought that sent me right back into panick mode as I thought “oh crap, now I don’t know where in the room it went and won’t be able to sleep until I find it!”  :frowning:

  Been there, done that too!!!  Big spiders that they have down in the Okanagan…I inched my way off the bed, did a little dance to be sure it wasn’t anywhere near my feet and proceeded to check every inch of the room.  Never did find the damn thing but walked around the house very gingerly for the next day or so… Used to find them in the tub also…Frightening… :astonished: I sucked one up in the vaccuum once and a while later, while I was on the phone, the thing actually walked out the end of the hose. Nightmares, believe me…!1

That is what they say where I come from, Shittt what chicken shitttttt stuff. How can these little things cause so much fear, not like down in the jungles of Mexico where you can not help getting webs stuck to your complete face as you walk through. Their mean spiders, they will steal your vacuum.