Re: Video Editing on pc

Any one got any suggestions about a good Video editing program for a pc? Something like Imovie perhaps?

I have only briefly seen Imovie in use - but Pinnacle Studio might be something like it. Used Pinnacle a little bit - it wasn’t bad. Simple layout.

I know if you spend some time bangin your head on your desk (purchase helmet beforehand) Adobe Premier is super versatile to use.


Im tryin to get into that to.  Ive been lookin for somthing that can convert my vhs tapes to and digital format.

I’m still stuck on converting downloaded AVI’s to some sort of DVD viewable movie that I can pop into a DVD player. If you’re into ease of use Pinnacle is pretty easy tho. After messin around with Adobe Premiere so much though I personally, wouldn’t use anything else…it’s just too feature rich :smiley:

I usually use Toast on the Mac OS X.  I just drag the video, click burn, and walk away.  Then it’s done. 

When I’m stuck on Windows, I use ConvertXtoDVD, which you can find in the usual places.  It works pretty easily too.

I use SonicFoundry’s Vegas Video 4.0, it’s similar to Premiere but easier to use but you still get a tonne of features.  I think it’s owned by Sony now, though, and there’s at least a version 5.0 out.

don’t use video joiner. got curious w this thread and tried it. Took 9 1/2 hrs to render 1.2 Gigs into a single mpg