RE: Very Observant person in Port Edward

I am responding the post from Sept 27th about the observant person in Port Edward that spotted Austin Large and his Dad and responded to the Amber Alert. I just saw the post for the first time and I wanted to add that that person saved Austin’s life.

I have first hand knowledge that Austin’s dad was not in a stable mental state and due to a in depth investagation of the activities of his dad prior to departure the police beleived Austin to be in grave danger. Amber alerts are usually not issued for parental abductions but an exception was made in this case due to the nature of the situation. I also want to say that Elias was NOT a deadbeat dad that was being denied access to his son and the hunt for Austin did not happen because of a paraniod mother. This was an ongoing police investagation where the police, RCMP, and crown attoreny called all the shots. They wanted to find both of them and get Austin home safe and get Elias the help he needed. This was a good use of the amber alert system and thank you to a very kind person who was not afraid of getting involved Austion came home safe.

I just want to add that the pair ended up in that area because it literally is the end of the road. So yes, as someone pointed out that could have been Austin’s last hope to be found. Who knows where they were going to go next.

Thank you again to the person that called the RCMP and thank you also to everyone on here that showed concern for a boy they do not even know.

Wow, good to hear he’s okay and that he was really HELPED by the Port Edward woman.