Re: Unique urban nesting sites provide for a worrisome trend in Vancouver

“This is the place that scares me the most.” --Vancouver community outreach worker Judy Graves, quoted in a Tyee article about homelessness.

Last Thursday, we provided a link to Dan Rather’s recent documentary on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, a troubling look at some of the issues that have become common place in a ten block stretch of that city centered on the Hastings and Columbia area.

Rather’s report provided details of the exploding rate of HIV infections in Vancouver, the growing number of people at risk in the area and some visuals that would shock most Canadians who like to think of their cities as “World Classâ€

Well Mr. Podunkian you seem to have pointed out another very interesting read, thank you again for that. As you may know this is all very close to me and where I walk everyday. Thanks again for another good read.

Oh come on, Dan Rather. So Vancouver has a dozen square blocks of shithole like every other major city. Even Regina does, and it isn’t a major city.
Nobody shot at your camera crew, you can walk thru there on your way home from Gastown and only have to dodge spent needles and panhandlers, none of the slum dwellers are suffering because they can’t afford medical care, and you forgot to further inflame your viewers that they have their very own screaming lesbian extreme-socialist Member of Parliament.
Really falling down on the job these days, aren’t you?