Re: Uh the post under me

why the f@#$ is there a tiny asian fellow with a huge BEEP on the forms?

and why the f@#$ does he have a huge BEEP , that’s not possiable.

Thank you admin for dealing with it!!!

He’s banned and the topics are deleted now.  No worries. 

He also took the time to PM everyone the same thing. Nice guy that one.


He’s just trying to deny the truth that asians have small penis’s or is it penii? (mig whats the plural of penis I KNOW you will know :wink:)

Apparently I’m Asian then. 

If we go by porn standards we’re all asian :frowning:

somethings wrong here…

Copulating censorship. What an anus.Â

Why would I know that?  Heh, look it up.

Anyway, sorry guys, I was out of town and on the road, so couldn’t deal with the spammer.

Thanks to the admins and moderators who dealt with it.

That was a god damn disgusting image  :angry:

Like I said somewhere else… if they were going to superimpose that, on that guy… they could have at least made him look hotter too.

Where do they get off superimposing my penis on somebody elses body?

Nah, I only wish.  If mine was that big I would use it as a club to beat down potential mating partners before they could escape. 

Well, now I see what y’all been talking about. I noticed I had a new PM and lo! Not exactly what I was expecting.

Because you love the cock?

Sorry for the delay on that didnt notice you went for the setup :wink:

its penii

that was wierd

How do American ladys pronounce that and why do you have that man of terror on there anyway.

Favorite American saying…  I would start off with>  May i have your first name and phone number with area code please…

American.>  Do What Now ?