Re: Tough movies to watch

I know some people here are desensitized to many forms of violence or related things in fiction.  When 11-12 years old talk openly about seeing movies like Hostel, Saw or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,  there is not too many secrets anymore and the shock factor in films isn’t what it would have been 20 years ago or earlier. 
However, I wanted to discuss movies that you may have found tough to watch because of their delicate topics or their story ( not because they were bad!).  For example,  Schindler’s List was a great film but it was difficult to watch because it showed the reality of the death camps.
I have seen the following two movies and I think they qualify as great films I found very difficult to watch because of their topics.  They are not for everyone ( people who liked the films listed in the first paragraph would find these boring for sure),  but those who like different kinds of film will like these for their great artistic qualities despite them being tough to watch.

Breaking the Waves with the excellent Emily Watson. 
Irréversible which has a long and realistic scene that is the one of the most disturbing fiction footage I’ve ever seen.

Edit:  I realized I didn’t finish my sentence. :unamused:

I found “Jackass: The Movie” difficult to watch when the guys are giving themselves papercuts.

This is dating me a bit, but, I found the Exorcist genuinely frightening and difficult to watch.  I saw it back in the 70s when it was released in theaters.  That movie was very disturbing to me.

The Hills Have Eyes. (the new version)

This quote will never leave my mind…


yea that movie was sick.

I found “Crash” very difficult to watch.  By the end, the only sympathetic character was the locksmith.

To the contrary. We watched a later show, and the gf’s were too scared to go home and sleep all by themselves.
Muahhh hah hah hah hah! Excellent… excellent!

BTW: watch the first CRASH if you want ‘disturbing’…

Heh, I was a teenager, didn’t have a gf at the time.  I’m glad someone got something good out of the Exorcist.  What genre is CRASH…horror?

Illywhacker’s Crash is a drama where many different people’s life become somehow interconnected over the course of a few days.  It is disturbing in the fact that the prejudice-driven behaviour exhibited by many characters makes you think about your own behaviour in a sometimes scary way.

Herbie’s Crash is a David Cronenberg flick.  Need I say more? Well in case you don’t know, it’s about some high class people who get aroused by racing and crashing cars.  Weird stuff.

I’m with you hitest!@!@@! I saw The Exorcist when it was first released and found it frightening and disturbing…It didn’t help the senses or maybe it did, for the movies mega profits, that the St.Johns’Ambulance were standing guard outside the theatre. Don’t bother with the sequel though, sucked big time…As for Crash, the Cronenberg flick, well, I suppose it is rated as mild porn, I don’t know, filmed in Toronto, with John Spader…Weird!!! As for disturbing and frightening, don’t know, not into horror so I suppose the most “disturbing???” is the fact that there are how many “Scary Movie” sequels now??? 14??? I find it  disturbing that folks made it past the first one!@!@!@!@ All a matter of taste, I know@!@    In total agreement with you Big Thumb RE: Violence and kids today…Another great movie, Sophies Choice…There are so many more but my memory is bad!@!@!

Bad memories and horrors , like the Tingler , the Thing , Psycho “the first” and yes Candyman again the original ,Let us not forget Whatever happened to Baby Jane . I also find that there are far to many sequels for many of these new movies. Too much Blood and Gore , kidsdo feed of this crap and then they do not get enough and they have to get into more with their video games. I seem to recall years back when the fisherman was killed here in the rinse by those four or five youth , I heard they watched Natural Born killers many times before they acted out . Plus do we not have enough of the same thing with our daily news? When will they make a movie of the pig farm ?

We’re not about to have the “violent video games produce violent children” argument, are we?

Just expressing myhis has thoughts or views as I see it . There would have to be more time for such a discussion and I believe this has been done many times before. Plus I hate to argue with anyone , I choose to believe that I just post it and then I am gone . :imp:

Irreversible - The only rape scene to rival Jodie’s performance in ‘The Accused’ and an equally disturbing film.

Misery - The hobbling scene and just Kathy Bates’ frightening presence altogether.  Also I
cried a little when he was forced to burn his book.

Wild At Heart - I love David Lynch but this film seems to be striving to be nothing but weird.
Gotta love Willem Dafoe, though.

Shortbus - I had no idea what to think of this one, really.  Very odd film.

Passion of the Christ.  The scene in the square where they torture him.  It takes quite a bit for me to turn my head, but here were a couple of moments that I had to.

American History X: teeth on the curb

Two movies I had a tough time with were the pursuit of happyness just because the guy was such a screw up for so long and Million dollar baby the first half was good but I it was  tough watching her in the end.

Yup,  very tough scene to watch that is necessary to fully feel the impact of movie.

Happiness was very swell!

With a straight face, too!

That’s one of the most fuckedest movies ever. Not a lot of people have seen it though, I don’t think.