Re: The Shield

I don’t know if anyone watches it, but apparently the new season of The Shield starts tonight and will no doubt be “available” on the internet.  :smiley:

PS: Vic is the man

Is that on cable?  I haven’t heard about that show.

Well it was a great start to the season. If you haven’t checked this show out I recommend going back to season one and starting there.

I’ve never seen a character like the main character Vic in this show. You hate him but you love him.

Unfortunately, I’ve only seen season one on DVD.  It was very intense, and very well done.  Definitely going to look for the other seasons to rent. 

Some friends have been rapping at me about Deadwood, so that’ll probably be the next show I check out. Loved “The Wire”, which I believe was first recommended on here by the Podunkian.

Anybody watch Deadwood? Worth my time?

I watched three episodes for Heroes last night.  So far, it’s great!

The Shield keeps turning up on stations like WGN, WPIX and such on cable or satelite, Global was running it at weird hours as well on Saturdays I believe. Good show, keep your eyes open when you visit Wal mart it shows up in their box set bins for around thirty bucks from time to time. Vic is a nasty man, but then he’s working in a pretty nasty little world there. I watched season one but I’ve become a lapsed shield viewer, only stumble across the odd show from time to time now. My bad…

My personal favourite of late, The Soprano’s kicks off their final season this weekend on Movie Central, kind of interesting how they choose Easter sunday for the resurreciton of Tony’s crime spree, at any rate, the commercials on tv and radio for the show are just great, “everything comes to an end Tony” Carmella, is oh so wise! Been following them since the thing kicked off, so I’ll be watching every sunday night til the bitter end then await the inevitable movie production that they keep promising.

If you can find a source, picking up seasons one and two of a show called Spooks is pretty good, it was called MI-5 when it ran on A&E before they turned that station over to Gene Simmons and his family. Spooks, or MI-5 if you prefer was a pretty decent show, which may still run for all I know, good plots, interesting character development (won’t say more as that would ruin the show) and it’s kind of neat to see something from other than the US perspective from time to time.

I’ve Been watching the Black Donnelly’s on NBC on Monday’s, it’s not quite as good as I thought it was going to be, but it’s been ok so far, think Soprano’s drinking Guinness all the time…

If you haven’t seen Rome, it might be worth renting at your local video place or sourcing out from wherever people do that kind of thing, Season 2 was the last season, seems that the BBC got a little worried about the cost over runs and HBO was making noises about cutting their losses. So what should have been a four or five year run, ended at two. Which is too bad, as I had just started getting into the thing this year, I found season one was kind of draggy at times, but season two was a more developed show, though you could tell as the season was winding down that they were trying to cram as much as they could into the thing to tie up the loose ends. Too bad it didn’t get it’s original run, would have been neat to see how they developed things out.

I tried watching Deadwood when it came out, but stopped, too many shows competing for my attention, I think it’s on History or Showcase now, so maybe I’ll catch up once hockey season is over. It looked ok, but I need to really be able to dedicate myself to a show to really enjoy it, if I end up missing two or three episodes I get messed up and my interest dwindles…

And yes, for those that haven’t seen the Wire yet, go out and find all the back episodes you can, by far one of the best shows on TV and yet another season coming our way later this year.


I don’t watch serialized shows on TV anymore… I find it’s much easier to session them out via renting the DVD set (and by rent I of course mean ‘download’) and watching them on my own schedule. Watching 2-3 episodes back-to-back lets me more involved with the show, and then it’s also much easier to keep track of what episode I’m on (no missed weeks).

I shouldn’t say “anymore” because I’ve never really watched dramas using the old fashioned delivery methods. TV for me is sports, news, and syndicated cartoons/comedies like Family Guy or the Simpsons that you can watch in any order.

Yep I know whay you mean about scheduling, there’s enough ways to pick up the shows now, so like you said you can watch them on your own schedule now.

One show you might want to source out is Miami Vice, the old NBC show from the eighties, imagine  you probably have seen it by now, but it’s even worth a trip back in the time machine, the first couple of seasons it was pretty cutting edge for commercial tv, they got rather stupid as the run came to an end and the egos got a little too wide for the trailers.

And well as we saw through the nineties the ole movie and singing careers didn’t work out all that well.

But for a few years there, Crockett and Tubbs were the coolest of the cool cops, and it was neat watching all the young up and comers get their first break on the show…

A definite weekend festival that show could provide 

Yeah, I love Miami Vice, but the only part I’ve seen in order is the first season… other than that, it’s just been episodes here and there wherever it was syndicated.

Agreed. That was my favourite show back in the 80s. :sunglasses:
Miami Vice also started some cool, new trends for TV like playing great Rock like ZZ Top. :smiley:

Yeah some cool stuff, but, unfortunately they can also be attributed to pastel blazers and deck shoes becoming very popular. Come to think of it I might still have mine.

I watched every episode of Deadwood and loved that show. If you even remotely like the Soprano’s you’ll like Deadwood since they are a lot alike, just set in a different time frame. Once you watch enough to get to know the characters in Deadwood they just draw you in. The writing of the character dialogue is like nothing I’ve seen before.

My favorite character was the Doctor.

Well for a few years the show liberated men from their razors, as the two day stubble became the fashion accessory of choice, well for folks that could make stubble work I guess, for those of us who just went patchy it wasn’t much of a success… :unamused:

LOL, agreed, pastel colours look odd if they’re worn on the North Coast.  Crockett and Tubbs looked good in that stuff.

Leisure suit and loafers, no socks? Count me in!

Sure, I’d wear that if I had their car! :sunglasses:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Not to mention the fashion accoutrement that Tubbs is holding in his right hand in your picture, I believe Al Pacino calls that his little friend!

And don’t forget the boats, oh man the boats, that’s some life…

The show had one of the greatest theme songs and opening credits you could find, and well as the montage below shows, made pretty good use of the music of the day!

From wikipedia:

Crockett My Tubbs :astonished: