Re: Slow Internet today?

Is anyones internet as slow as molasses in january today?


Very slow today.

Probably related to the rain and wind.  A lot of businesses are having problems with their interac machines too.  I’ll bet it’s all related.

Damnit Internet, keeping me from getting 60!

Yep the lines were slow everywhere it seemed.  We couldn’t dial long-distance all day, send out-of-town faxes, or check other stores for product.  Other stores didn’t have a working debit/credit system, and I was told the TD bank was the only ATM that was working today.  As of 11pm the Royal’s ATM was still out of service, and some stores still didn’t have their systems working properly.

So I lied. It totally didn’t stop me from getting 60, just made me take it to the wire, with 7 minutes left before server maintenance.

Pew Pew Pew.

Yeah, the Internet sucks!  Very slow indeed. 

Telus is having problems with one of their microwave towers between here and Terrace (I was told either Mt Hays or Copper Mtn) and need to get repair crews to the site.  So much for CityWest’s new fibre to Terrace …

Shames has had over 200cms of snow in the past 24 hours I’m guessing the tower on copper is neck deep in fresh pow pow powwwwwoeeeoeoeeo!!

Yes, the problem is on top of Mr. Hays…in the news paper today they said the problem should be fixed by this afternoon.  Hopefully.

The guys tried to get to the radio site here today. Some wireless users are getting bad signal, others are not.
They gave up half way, the snow is too deep for their snowmobile. Ran into a X-country skier who said there was about 9 feet at the top.
Now wonder. The snowbanks from all the wind are absorbing a chunk of the signal… we’ll have to tell the next irate user to go up and sweep off the mountain top.