Re: Rollins is leaving town

I would like to announce that Rollins is leaving us all here in PR. He said he misses his Alberta Beef too much, and he is upset that there is only one copy of Broke Back Mountain at Movie Gallery
that Hitest hasn’t returned in 3 months.

I am sure we will all miss your humor, or at least I will.

Best of luck too you.

P.S. For all those gay bashers out there, he isn’t leaving till Sunday

What a fag.

that’s right i’m out like the Jerry Curl

that being said, it’s been fun, it’s been crazy, but ti’s been a good time.

rupert is a cool town, it’s just not my town.  best of luck to y’all, and if you need any extra copies of brokeback mountain i’ll pass them along.

i hope that containerport of yours gets up and running…and if there is a protest line and what not, it’s probably best not to have an albertan around :smile:

bon voyage marfuckers

I left town yesterday where was my goodbye thread?

Geez, this is all terrible news for McSash and his talk of the boom times.

Two folks leave before the wave hits?

What ever are they thinking…

well in all fairness I left 4 years ago and was just visiting. I still think I deserve my own thread though.

Check the Wasteland!

We cannot allow this kind of speech - it’s not okay.  I’m reminded of what Father Roger Schmit in the Laramie Project said “You think violence is what they did to Matthew - they did do violence to Matthew - but you know, every time that you are called a fag, a lez…Do you you realize that is violence?  That is the seed of violence.”

It’s not okay. 

if anybody does not deserve a leaving town thread…it’s me.  all this talk of a boomtown, but since i’m not in the loop with the right portugese person, i couldnt get a job at PRG, and since i didn’t play cards with the right high school dropout, no job at ridley either. 

if anybody here is thinking of heading to alberta to work check out  there are so many jobs there, i landed a sweet one for no good reason other then i was qualified. 

Well I hear Rona is hiring Rollins… according to the girl at the counter they are closing Sunday’s because they can’t find anyone to hire.  :smiley:

good luck Rollins in future Endeavors

Some choose to accept the boom…some choose to go back to their roots.
Good luck rollins…
BTW: those 2 leaving is collateral damage in the humongo picture my friend…yuk it up

LMAO :smiley: