Re: Q6600 B3 Safe Temperatures

Hello everyone.

I’m wondering what the safe temperatures are for a Q6600 Core 2 Quad at all stock clocks and other settings, including stock heatsink, for revision B3. Yes, I know G0 is better, but I guess that’s what you get for being an early adopter . I’ve checked that my heatsink is on tight, all fans are spinning properly, airflow is good, and the heatsink is as free of dust as I can get it.

Core Temp reports around 45-50 at idle. It fluctuates, of course, and different cores get different temps; the most common temperature reading in the log is 47. It’s under load that the temperatures scare me. Intense activity (playing a game while listening to music, with downloads going in the background) gets me temperatures from 55 all the way up to 63, although getting that high is pretty rare; the average seems to be around 59. Using the Cinebench R10 benchmark, however, can give me temperatures up to 65 - I even hit 66 on one core towards the end of the test.

Are these temps safe? Please put my fears to rest, or, alternatively, tell me how to fix this problem. Thanks in advance, you guys rock!

well I just finished looking at a hardcore quad core forum, and apparently, at any time you should never let a quad core go over 65 degrees.

and if it is going above that, on stock speeds and voltages, then the stock HS/F is not mounted properly

No shit. Those morons who designed the mount gave me a scare! The nylon didn’t grab in one corner and it took 10 seconds to overheat.

8 GB 1066 RAM

With XP Pro. What a fucking waste of power. Now it’s waahhh I want a 2nd 8800 so I can play WoW… sum guys got more money than brains.
4 cores and nothing using them. And crippling it with a 32 bit OS so you can still use that $49 printer…

Runs pretty good though. Enough to make me want an AMD Phenom in mine…