Re: Puppy Schools

I’m getting a new puppy here soon and I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a puppy school here in town to help “train” your dog so that i can learn how to socialize, sit, heal, walk,ect?  :smiley:

Jan Palmer does an obedience class every few months and her number is 624-4524 and she can also do one on one lessons. There’s another lady too named Peggy Geismar (624-4459) and she does home consultations.

thank you so much for the information I will be getting in contact with them soon! :smiley:

Where are yo going to be getting a puppy…? I was up at the SPCA here and they have 2 litters of puppies!

when i worked there at the radio station i interviewd a guy who ran an obidience program for dogs, i belive his name was Rob something or other.  from what people told me this guy was really really good, and trains police dogs too.  i cant remember his name or the company name, but i’m sure somebody on here knows who i’m talking about.  he got set up through the hecate strait training centre, call then and they would know

Peggy Geismar is awesome!
My mom trained both of our dogs, which were always very well behaved. It depends on the breed, but with the internet at your finger tips, and some time on your hands I bet you could do it yourself and not have to pay for it, plus it gives you a chance to really bond with your dog.

Well she’s a purebred bichon frise puppy I’ve purchased her from a breeder in Prince George (I know they can be a handful but after a lot of careful consideration i’m up to the challenge  :smiley:) I could dothe training myself but being a first time dog owner I want to make sure I try to do things right  so I don’t end up with a problem dog that no one will want be around later in life :smile:

Theres no hope for that dog.  I know some people that have 1.5 yr old bicon and it still aint house broken.  And the dog rulz the roost and does what ever the frig it wants.  Shits and pisses where ever it wants.
Wanna know the the real messed part??..They actually asked people to house sit the dog when they go away!!!  First and last time for most…and never for this Cowboy…as I dont need a SPCA investigation while I watch a little bichon frise think that he will be the boss of me and disrespect me and its self by shitting and pissing where ever it feels like it.

Ahh Mcsash, it’s not the breed of dog at all. It’s the owners. ANY dog is trainable if the owners know what they’re doing. Haven’t you watched the show at the end of my leash? If you saw the way some of the dogs on that show behave at the begining you’d think they were completely untrainable. But by the end of the show, the family has one awesome dog. The dog you speak of, obviously doesn’t know what it’s doing is wrong. So it does it. :smiley: Kinda like a child.

I think the dude on that show needs to come and teach my dog a few things!!  :imp:

You could do it too I’m sure.

During the holidays I was standing outside Shoppers Drug Mart.  I saw a small dog with a parka on, his hood was off so I called him over and put his hood back up.  The dog looked up at me very pleased and walked back down the street.  :smile:

Pretty smart and obedient dog.

LMAO,  Just thinking of thier little mutt at your place.  Might suggest to them you were thinking of taking up dog sitting.